QVS Introduces HDE-K, HDMI v1.3 Single Cat-5e Active Extender Kit

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The HDE-K, HDMI v1.3 Single Cat-5e Active Extender Kit with Broadcast and IR Control extends HDMI signal up to 400 meters away from HDMI source using single Cat-5e/RJ45 cable. It supports DVI-D using a HDMI to DVI adaptor, providing greater flexibility in integrating several home theater components. Hundreds of HD displays are possible with the addition of more receiver modules. Embedded infra-red (IR) control path allows user to control source remotely. It supports 1080p and HDCP compliant.


QVS HDMI Cat-5e Wallplate

QVS is pleased to introduce HDMI Cat-5e Wallplate Active Extender Kit with IR Control that transmits audio and video with HDCP up to 60 meters at 1080i and 30 meters (131ft) at 1080p 60Hz. Built in Infra-Red allows you to control the device remotely, auto-skew for optimal signal boost and interference reduction, and s