eyevis at Leibniz Knowledge Media Research Center

eyevis at Leibniz Knowledge Media Research Center
  • An 84‘‘ ultra HD display with touch system from eyevis is being used for the development of information systems at the Leibniz Knowledge Media Research Center in Tuebingen.

eyevis display for research project "Eye-Visit"
Classic audio guides in museums and exhibitions quickly reach their limits when it comes to the provision of individually required information for visitors. In the course of different research projects, innovative visitor information systems which aim at the possibility of specific information procurement through interaction on the basis of touch displays and smartphone connection, are currently developed at the Leibniz Knowledge Media Research Center in Tübingen. The 84” eyevis LCD with touch-system and ultra HD resolution with 3840 x 2160 pixels plays an important role in this matter.

The eyevis display is used in the current research project “Eye-Visit – Intuitive and personalized visitor information at the museum with interactive displays”. In this project multimedia information supplies, which are able to adaptively meet needs and interest of the visitors and individually provide information about exhibitions or exhibits, are developed. Thereby the visitor among other things is to be enabled to gain an overview over exhibits on the multi-touch-display prior to his or her visit to the exhibition and put together a personalized tour for his smartphone. Due to the large screen of the eyevis displays with a diagonal of more than 2.1 m and the infrared touch-system with 32 touch points the group behavior of several visitors can be investigated particularly well.

To avoid accidental commands due to random contacts the touch system was enabled to detect the size of the contact area. In this way the system is able to differentiate if it was specifically touched with a finger or if somebody accidentally supported themselves with the entire hand. Thanks to the high ultra HD resolution the display offers clear and sharp images even when visitors are only an arm’s length away. Additionally the displays with a contrast ratio of 5.000:1, Edge-LED backlight and a high brightness of 500 cd/m² provides brilliant images even in bright ambient light conditions.

In addition to different research projects it is also used for events at the Institute. In order to be able to transport the display to different areas of the building, eyevis engineers installed the display on a height-adjustable table construction. Thereby the display housing had to specifically be adjusted to the special conditions.

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