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Lecture from a Digital Signage Pioneer

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At 11:00 a.m. today, I made my way to the Digital Signage Presentation Stage to listen to Lou Giacalone from OnPath, TargetPath's Digital Signage/Media practice.

Lou was providing guidance and words of caution to users looking to implement a Digital Signage Network. Lou has been a key developer in the Digital Signage industry, so when he shares his experience and insight with end users, I want to listen.

Lou outlined a number of items that are critical when selecting a digital signage solution:

•Content scheduling should be flexible and metadata driven.
•If a software feature is important to your network, don't just settle for being "shown" how it works. Take it for test drive or ask specifics about "how" the feature works.
•HTML5 is the content creation tool of the future. Don't get stuck with outdated tools to create your content.
•If you are implementing an International network, make sure the software and hardware is capable of multi-region playback.
•Make sure robust security controls are in place, and use them. There hasn't been a major "hack" of a Digital Signage Network, but your company doesn't want to have the unfortunate distinction of being the first one.

Lou's will be back at the Digital Signage Presentation Stage tomorrow at 11:00 am or his complete presentation is available online at: www.onPath.net

Also, Lou and OnPath are working on rolling out a RFP tool to assist companies in purchasing Digital Signage solutions. You can learn more at: www.onPath.net/o/products/rfp


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Digital Signage for Binghamton HS from Tightrope Media

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Simplifying Digital Signage

The Simplifying Digital Signage Roundtable took place Wednesday at InfoComm– I moderated as panelists Jim Huber from Office Depot, Bill Othick of BOI Solutions, Richard Hutton from Samsung, Raffi Vartian from SignageLive, Jim Vair of Capital Networks analyzed legacy TCO models for digital signage, and then turned to hardware and software advancements that now allow the streamlining of digital signage platforms, for reduced TCO.

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InfoComm's Digital Signage=Business Value Roundtable

Audio-visual supplier TD Maverick and digital signage manufacturer ONELAN will sponsor InfoComm International’s upcoming Digital Signage = Business Value Roundtable events at the Chandos House in Westminster, London from 2 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, 20 October 2015, and The Plaza Hotel in Dublin from 2 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, 22 October 2015.