Digital Signage Webinar January 23rd -

Digital Signage Webinar January 23rd

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The Digital Signage Group, a digital signage marketing and sales company, has announced the date for their new webinar focusing on business opportunities for integrators and service providers within digital signage. The first Webinar will take place January 23rd, at 12pm CT (duration: one hour).
The Business of Digital Signage webinar provides a look at the supply chain for the digital signage market and how traditional AV/IT and service organizations fit in to the market. "We have seen a dramatic rise in established integrators and service providers who are looking to add new revenue and long term income to their business and are evaluating how they might play in digital signage." stated Jill Miller, EVP of The Digital Signage Group. She goes on to say, "The common obstacle we continue to hear time and again is how to overcome the fragmentation of the supply chain. It is forcing companies to work together to create an effective solution for their mutual customers. For many organizations this is a new and uncomfortable business dynamic."
The webinar is intended to educate these companies on the landscape of the digital signage market, including business models, market concentration and resource requirements in digital signage engagements. For more information or to register for this webinar go to:


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Digital signage is a method of marketing at-retail used to display multimedia content in public venues. Alternatively known as dynamic signage, electronic signage or narrowcasting, networks of digital signs have been deployed across numerous retail chains, banks, travel hubs and corporate headquarters to deliver informative and entertaining content to captive audience and passerby. The goal is to deliver targeted messages to specific locations at specific times. This webcast is an introduction to digital signage designed to help newcomers see past the industry hype and focus on some of the projects and business cases that have been successful in the real world.

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