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Free Webinar 3-29: Encoding Best Practices for the Enterprise

  • Jan Ozer — AV Technology contributor, industry speaker, and author — will host a free 30-minute webinar on Tuesday, March 29, at 2:00 PM EST entitled Encoding Best Practices for the Enterprise. In this session, you'll learn:
  • - How your streaming files compare to prominent Media, B2C and B2B sites. This segment will present the results of a survey of the codec and streaming configurations deployed by top network and corporate web sites, including which sites supported the iPad and HTML5.
  • - How to efficiently reach desktop and mobile devices via new "transmuxing" technologies that convert a single stream into multiple streams targeting different protocols.
  • - The current status of HTML5 video, including HTML5 browser penetration, the status of HTML5 codecs and how HTML5-related video capabilities compare to Flash and Silverlight regarding features like adaptive streaming, live streaming, digital rights management, multicasting, peer-to-peer distribution and support for webcams.

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