Marketing At Retail magazine Launched

  • The premier issue of Marketing At Retail is being distributed in New York the week of September 25-29, in conjunction with Advertising Week, and will be mailed to 20,000 qualified professionals in the coming week. Marketing At Retail is launching as a bi-monthly, to a readership of branding professionals, retailers, advertising agencies, and other professionals who need up-to-date market research, case studies, industry news, and educational resources to help them succeed in the retail environment.
  • Marketing At Retail will have special emphasis and editorial coverage, in each issue, of:
  • - Metrics, and market research: update on the latest tools and research that quantifies trends in retail
  • - Shopper Engagement trends, case studies, expert columns, and resources
  • - Digital signage for the retail space: new messaging/advertising technology trends and how they are changing both the retail environment and the corporate advertising landscape.
  • David Keene, of NewBay Media (formerly known as CMP Entertainment Media) is the Executive Editor of Marketing At Retail.
  • "We have seen a quantum leap in interest in the retail space as a marketing platform over the past year," said David Keene, Executive Editor of Marketing At Retail. "As advertising dollars are being shifted to at-retail advertising, and as digital signage is opening new pathways from the advertiser and branding professional to the shopper, and as demographic changes alter shopping patterns and habit, their could be no better time for one, authoritative publication to bring all these elements together. We are delighted launch that publication, and offer the tools that will help ad agencies, branding professionals, at-retail marketers, and retail professionals successfully engage a more demanding retail customer. At-retail is where the most sales are made, yet the impressions formed and the choices made in the retail space are still the least understood part of the marketing equation. It is my goal to position Marketing At Retail magazine as a conduit for creative, seasoned professionals to bring forward their expertise in all things retail."
  • Subscriptions to Marketing At Retail, as well as Media Kits, can be requested at