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Enplug and Waitlist Me Digital Signage App

Enplug and Waitlist Me Digital Signage App
  • Enplug and Waitlist Me have built a product integration for any business to display a list of waiting customers on a TV screen. This integration brings a benefit to restaurants and other businesses that have a digital signage network. Customers can now just glance at a TV screen to see their place in line instead of constantly wondering or asking how much longer they need to wait.
  • Enplug is an open digital signage software platform that transforms any display into a two-way communication screen.

An example of a Waitlist Me waitlist for a cafe.
Companies like Waitlist Me can create customized apps using Enplug's open SDK and browse an app market that comes packed with content like Graphics (HD images and videos), Live Social Wall, News, Weather, Directory, and Web Page. Apps and display settings are managed through Enplug's web dashboard.

"Enplug was strategically built to be an open platform, and Waitlist Me is the first third-party app available that creatively uses our technology to help target customers," said Alex Ross, Chief Operating Officer, Enplug. "They've done a fantastic job at integrating their waitlist app software using our SDK. Given that it's becoming an increasingly mobile first world, Waitlist Me will be instrumental in allowing us to provide as much great marketing content as possible to customers increasingly looking to their mobile devices to interact with businesses."

Waitlist Me is a waitlist management application for restaurants and other businesses that uses customizable text and phone call notifications to alert customers when it is their turn. Launched in 2012, the company has helped companies serve more than 60 million people through its cross-platform service for managing waitlists and reservations.