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embed signage SSSP Support Update

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Embed signage is launching updates to their SSSP support. The focus is on developing improvements to the platform to further enhance the support for the Samsung Smart Signage Platform.

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embed signage to further support Samsung Smart Signage Platform
Here are some of the changes being made to embed signage’s SSSP support:

- Landscape, portrait, reverse portrait, reverse landscape video playback
- Playback two videos simultaneously in landscape
- Source input reliability improvement
- Touch device including gesture improvements
- Improved channel publishing efficiency
- Remote Firmware updating for all firmware versions (main, sub, sub2, mystique)
- Improved status reporting including device temperature (°C) and CPU.

“SSSP has become an extremely popular platform with nearly 40 percent of all devices registered to embed signage being a SSSP display,” said Daniel Cruickshank, Head of SSSP Development at embed signage. “With this type of demand we will continue to make improvements to the platform and introduce new product features over the coming weeks and months.”

Embed Signage now supports Samsung’s new generation of Smart Signage Platform, E Series Displays, as well.

The new SSSP updates have already been published, and existing users need only to reboot their devices with a working network connection to see the new changes.


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LG Updates Digital Signage Display Availability

LG Electronics has updated the industry on the availability and shipping status of Video wall and digital signage screens that were shown at industry trade shows last year– LG displays for many industries, from retail and transportation to lodging and hospitality.

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wysiwyg R36 Update

wysiwyg R36 lighting design and previsualization software from CAST Software now has a revised look as well as compatibility improvements.

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Userful 8.5 Supports 6K Content

Userful Corporation's new Userful 8.5 is a multi-source video wall controller that supports video walls of up to 60 displays with up to 6k resolution source content.

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Simplifying Digital Signage

The Simplifying Digital Signage Roundtable took place Wednesday at InfoComm– I moderated as panelists Jim Huber from Office Depot, Bill Othick of BOI Solutions, Richard Hutton from Samsung, Raffi Vartian from SignageLive, Jim Vair of Capital Networks analyzed legacy TCO models for digital signage, and then turned to hardware and software advancements that now allow the streamlining of digital signage platforms, for reduced TCO.

Updated Dynamic Signage in Food Services Guidebook

The Dynamic Signage in Food Services Guidebook has been updated with a new section on the "Bliss Point" of digital menu boards. This 45-page "how to" guide for food services providers and suppliers can be downloaded for free, no registration required.