EliteProAV Shipping Saker Tab-Tensioned ALR Model

EliteProAV Shipping Saker Tab-Tensioned ALR Model

EliteProAV’s Saker Tab-Tension electric projector screen is now available with the company’s CineGrey 5D ambient light rejecting (ALR) Material. This is a high (1.5) gain 3D-2D projection material tough enough to come in a retractable tab-tensioned format.

“Ambient light-rejecting materials allow larger-than-life projector screens to replace the smaller “large” flat-panel displays at a fraction of the cost,” said David Rodgers, marketing manager, EliteProAV. “Making a product that can reliably handle repetitive use for many years was a tough challenge for an ambient light rejecting (ALR) material. Now that we have it mastered, this product will answer a lot of demands that this industry has put on manufacturers to fulfill.”

EliteProAV’s Saker Tab-Tension CineGrey 5D projection screen merges the qualities of an ambient light rejecting (ALR) projector screen material with that of a manually retractable format. The CineGrey 5D is a 0.35mm-thick PVC material that comprises of a silver-gray reflective textured surface with a tinted diffusion layer. It is a 1.5-gain material that is ISF certified for its ability to achieve D65 color neutrality, superb contrast, and dynamic range. It is available in a 16:9 aspect ratio wit 100-, 120-, 135-, and 150-inch sizes available. This also includes with extra drop borders for high ceiling installations.

This angular-reflective material is ideal for use with floor or ceiling-mounted projectors in either a residential or business environment. Its 110-degree overall half-gain angle makes it well suited for theater-style seating while it both enhances picture brightness while retaining 88 percent polarization during 3D presentations. For added flatness, a precision-made, tab-tension system with side-cords running along the screen’s sides ensures that the CineGrey 5D Manual Tab-Tension maintains a flat projection surface.

It retractable format gives end users the versatility to bring home a massive screen without dedicating the wall space solely for that purpose. When it’s not in use, the screen goes away.

An installation kit along with full IR/RF control package is included. This also includes a detachable three-way (up/stop/down) wall switch as well as a 5-12V trigger to coordinate the screen’s drop and rise with the projector’s power cycle. Lastly, the design incorporates an RJ45 port allowing the end user to incorporate third-party control system integration if needed.

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