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Altinex Tilt ‘N Plug Interconnect Deployed at Christie Digital Headquarters

Altinex Tilt ‘N Plug Interconnect Deployed at Christie Digital Headquarters
  • Maintaining Christie Digital Systems' global presence requires regular planning and strategizing—much of which takes place at the company’s Cyprus, CA USA headquarters.

Jon M. Edwards, chief design officer and principle at Sunset Studios Media Solutions.
The company's new Executive Boardroom is equipped with state-of-the-art TNP (Tilt ‘N Plug) interconnect solutions from Brea, CA-based Altinex.

Sunset Studios Media Solutions, Inc., a Sherman Oaks, CA based firm which specializes in AV systems design, engineering, and installation for the entertainment, business, healthcare, and hospitality markets, was contracted to design several of Christie’s meeting / training facilities—all of which involved Altinex TNP interconnect systems. The development of a consistent AV systems end user interface in these areas—including a space known as The Lyceum—proved so popular that it is now the corporate standard at Christie Digital.

Jon M. Edwards, chief design officer and principle at Sunset Studios Media Solutions, Inc. discussed the recent Executive Boardroom project and his reasons for deploying Altinex TNP series interconnect boxes.

“For the Executive Boardroom, Sunset Studios Media Solutions was responsible for developing a CAD (computer aided design) workup for Christie’s former network operations center (NOC), which we redesigned and acoustically engineered into the new Executive Boardroom,” explained Edwards. “This new space incorporates a cloud acoustic ceiling with ceiling mics, audio teleconference capabilities, and an innovative peer-to-peer telepresence platform in 1080p HD resolution across a 120-inch rear projection display utilizing a Christie Digital HD10K projector. We used a dozen or so Altinex Tilt ‘N Plug interconnect boxes on the earlier Christie projects, all of which incorporated HDMI, VGA with audio, and USB connectivity to accommodate the house PC and data connections. These compact, versatile units proved invaluable so we, of course, incorporated them into their Executive Boardroom.”

Altinex Tilt ‘N Plug products are installed into a table as part of an audio visual system. These units—such as the TNP528 interconnect boxes deployed in Christie’s Executive Boardroom—mount flush with the tabletop. When pressed upon, the unit rises to reveal a series of connectors that facilitate easy access to a company’s network, audio visual equipment, and other systems that may be utilized. This makes it easy, for example, for one to connect a laptop computer and make a presentation utilizing a large screen display and sound reinforcement system. When finished with the presentation, pressing down on the unit hides the connectors, as the lid is once again flush with the tabletop.

“In staging and live production,” said Edwards, “we utilize tie-lines to accommodate signal distribution from various points on the stage. In custom AV installations—especially in the boardroom or multipurpose room—we are faced with similar challenges. The Altinex Tilt ‘N Plug boxes provide a clean ‘tie-line’ panel with a variety of architectural finishes and a very customizable assortment of signal inputs. They provide a simple and elegant solution to the many and constantly changing source signal feeds we contend with on a daily basis, all packaged in an effective audio visual distribution form factor.”

Determining which type of interconnect solution and the various connectors required for a given project is a process that frequently invokes questions. Getting timely, accurate responses to those questions is vital on projects of this nature and, in this regard, Edwards offered an assessment of Altinex’ customer and technical support services. “Working with Altinex is always a pleasure,” he said. “The company’s technical support group and the sales staff are consistently responsive and courteous, which makes my job easier.”

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