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STRATACACHE Interactive Retail Journey

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STRATACACHE has unveiled at NRF a new, interactive "retail journey" allowing consumers to become more involved in the shopping experience.

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 Unveiled at Retail’s BIG Show at New York’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in booth #629, STRATACACHE’s Connected Journey features unique, interactive ways for retailers to inspire consumers during the path-to-purchase.

From digital signage to leading-edge interactive technology, each experience provides an opportunity for retailers to attract and engage shoppers, drive product awareness, activate shoppers and strengthen customer loyalty.

“Retailers not only need to search for moments of inspiration to sell to customers, but rather to put together a series of moments that takes the shopper on an entire journey from the very first moment they connect with a retailer,” said Russell Young, SVP of Interactive and Mobile Experiences at STRATACACHE.

The Connected Journey includes STRATACACHE’s Digital Play experience, designed to engage shoppers and extend their dwell time via interactive, gestural-based messages. In addition, STRATACACHE’s Connected Assistant allows retailers to connect consumers with store associates via mobile for increased conversion and customer satisfaction. STRATACACHE’s Responsive Merchandising experience connects physical to digital in an interactive display that inspires shoppers to engage with display merchandise. Allowing consumers to engage with retail products through browser-based connections, these connected experiences support a BYOD approach to in-store engagement.

Delivering these retail applications are STRATACACHE’s ActiVia and Retail Cache solutions. ActiVia provides the robust management, scheduling and delivery of these experiences, while the Retail Cache provides the means for guests to consume rich-media without the headaches associated with extended periods of buffering.

“NRF’s BIG Show sets the retail trends, and we’re excited to display our latest Connected Journey experience,” said Chris Riegel, STRATACACHE CEO. “Innovative in-store solutions have a big impact on bringing retailers closer to the consumer, and we’re thrilled to showcase the latest digital experiences.”


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