Elation EPT6IP LED Displays for Polartec Big Air

Elation EPT6IP LED Displays for Polartec Big Air
  • Boston’s Fenway Park used Elation’s EPT6IP LED video display panel to showcase a big air snowboarding and freeskiing U.S. Grand Prix Tour and International Ski Federation World Tour event on February 11-12.

Elation EPT6IP LED video screen at Polartec Big Air
The Elation EPT6IP panels were used for portrait walls on each side of a large take-off ramp. East Coast Lighting & Production Services, Inc. supplied the panels for the event, working with Elation rep firm Healy Sales and client Mission Six.

“We had screens flanking both sides of the jump structure,” explains Nate Almeida of East Coast Lighting & Production Services. “The riders right screen was 25' wide x 14' high and consisted of 84 EPT6IP panels. The riders left screen was 16' wide x 8' high and consisted of 32 panels. Both screens were used for auxiliary program feed for the audience in the stands.”

Big air events consist of snowboarders and skiers competing with a single trick off a ramp. The snow ramp for Polartec Big Air at Fenway was 140 feet high, taller than the light towers at the ballpark and nearly four-times the height of Fenway Park’s famed left field wall.

The smaller EPT6IP LED screen was designed as an IMAG screen to catch close up shots of the expression on riders’ faces as their scores were announced. The larger screen was used as a remote screen for those seated to the side of the ramp who did not have a direct view of the competition and could benefit from a magnified view.

The two screens were mounted on free-standing scaffolding structures and had to endure wind chill temperatures as low as -5˚F.

Elation's second screen
Elation and Healy Sales were on site for support and troubleshooting.

"I want to personally give props to "Red" Walter, Chris Tesoro, Jonathan Schwille and Eric Loader from Elation,” says Almeida. “Both Elation and Healy Sales went above and beyond on this project. Not only is the product stellar, but it is also matched in technical and customer service."

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