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PepsiCo Australia, Creative Instore Solutions Expand POP

The 2008 POPAI Silver Award-winning Grain Waves Modular Display, designed by Creative Instore Solutions for client PepsiCo Australia, is a design success story. The results speak for themselves, as after initial tests, Grain Waves has hit record levels for repeat purchases for a new snack product, and the unit will be adopted as the template model for displays across all the PepsiCo flagship brands in Australia. Rolling out in January 2009, all Smiths, Red Rock Deli, Doritos and Grain Waves displays will adopt this universal design, with only the graphics and colors changing according to the product.

The unit’s global appeal is based on its simple, cost effective solution that attracts record sales, wins awards, and enables PepsiCo Australia to dominate the snack food display sector. The unit provides a category management system that up scales the prominence of all products across the board, as it takes products away from the typical shelf aisles positioning.

Creative Instore Solutions designed this modular and flexible unit to fit all varying requirements across all consumer snack channels, by providing seven different height options ranging from 600 to 1800mm, with flexible width options to support organic customer growth. The system can also be easily customised to suit varying merchandising options including gondola ends, free standing island displays with fridges with up to eight units fixed together, as well as a single format display option.

It also uses simple but significant add-on racks that merchandise other PepsiCo products such as the Doritos branded salsa and/or the Nobby’s Nuts range, working as a silent sales person improving shopper basket profitability.

This flexible, modular design also meets the high standards of environmental accountability that Creative Instore Solutions strive for; components of the unit are made from recycled materials, which will again be recycled at the end their extended shelf life. CIS make every effort to design systems that will remain in the market for longer periods of time, which ultimately improves the CO2 rating for the display through a reduction in materials and manufacturing needed to constantly upgrade or change the display every season. CIS has also designed the unit to be flat packed, reducing space needed in transport, which again reduces CO2 emissions, as well as transportation costs overall.

The pricing for the unit is comparable to units already on the market place, proving that a commitment to sustainability does not need to equate to increased prices.

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