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DynaScan Technology High Brightness LCD

DynaScan Technology High Brightness LCD
  • DynaScan Technology will be releasing a new 55-inch high brightness LCD. The display features a full HD LCD with an high brightness backlight producing a sunlight viewable 7,000 nit image.

DynaScan Technology's 55-inch LCD can show many things, including this woman on a beach.
The DS551LT7 is designed for applications in high ambient light environments. With a daylight viewable brightness rating of 7,000 nits, the display is a solution for storefront windows, outdoor kiosks, and other locations with direct sunlight.

The screen is powered by an high brightness LED back light with local dimming. Darker areas of an image receive less backlighting than lighter areas, producing a high contrast image with deep black levels. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 Full HD, the DS551LT7 provides a sharp image for easy to read text and detail.

Each screen is individually color calibrated to the D65 (6500 K) color standard to ensure brilliant color quality and uniformity among multiple displays. The screen may also be calibrated to a user’s specification using DynaScan’s comprehensive calibration solution.