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DVIGear Launches 4K DisplayPort Cables

DVIGear Launches 4K DisplayPort Cables

DVIGear has launched its High Resolution DisplayPort Copper Cables. These cables are designed to transport DisplayPort signals with bit rates up to 21.6 Gbps. over cable lengths of up to 15 meters (~ 50 ft.), and support uncompressed DisplayPort resolutions up to 4096x2160 / 60 Hz.

Engineered to Support Ultra High Resolutions at Long Distances
Long distance transport of high resolution DisplayPort signals over copper cables must overcome several challenges, such as insertion loss, differential skew, and jitter. Insertion loss is caused by cable capacitance, which acts as a low-pass filter, blocking higher frequency signal components from passing. Skew occurs when the differential DisplayPort signals get delayed and become out of phase as they pass over a long cable. Both factors contribute to increased digital jitter, which degrades the performance of the cable. This jitter becomes more severe with higher resolutions, higher bit rates, and longer cable distances. Conventional cables that support lower resolutions at short distances are often unable to support the data rates required by higher resolutions at longer distances. The resulting video can be disrupted by visual artifacts or may not be visible at all.

To overcome these challenges, DVIGear’s HR Series DisplayPort Cables are constructed using heavy gauge 24AWG copper wires that provide superior ruggedness and durability. The heavier wire gauge has increased cross-sectional cable area, as well as decreased capacitance and lower differential skew, which allows high speed signals to pass with minimal jitter. These features enable cable lengths of up to 15 meters (~ 50 ft.) with full compliance with DisplayPort 1.2 signal parameters.

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