LG POPAI Retail Digital Signage Report

  • For a retailer half the struggle can be getting customers into your store in the first place. So what’s the solution? Special offers? Fancy posters? A cattle rancher with a lasso, manhandling people inside?
  • According to a new survey from LG and POPAI more and more high street retailers are turning to digital signage to attract the eye of customers passing by. By using a screen or monitor to display promotional material retailers have been able to up footfall and sales. In fact there are now a whopping 46,000 stores using digital signage, up from 12,500 in 2007. By the end of the year this is predicted to rise to 58,000.
  • The reason for the steep increase in digital signage is due to its ability to not only grab the customer’s attention, but also influence their purchasing decisions. Using digital signage high street retailers can give shoppers the information they need to make their purchases, whilst also encouraging them to return to the shop.
  • Other findings from the survey include:
  • - The majority of retailers (71%) believe that up to £5,000 per store is a reasonable budget for digital signage
  • - 58% of retailers update content weekly, 25% daily
  • - 44% of screens use built in PCs or Media Players for content playback and ADSL is the most popular method of content delivery
  • All the signs (no pun intended) are pointing to an increasing faith in the use of digital signage for retailers, as well as an increasing sophistication to the ways signage is used. With the spread of touch screen mobile phones consumers are now more used to interactive technology, with many expecting it as part of a retail experience. The survey shows that while only one in five retailers is currently using interactive screens, nearly half of those surveyed said they would install the technology in 2011, with a further 25% considering it as a possibility.
  • With touchscreen technology being such an ingrained part of consumers’ interaction with visual media it has become less of an added bonus, and more of a necessity to engage your customers with a medium they are familiar with.
  • To access the report:
  • http://www.popai.co.uk/Research/survey.aspx

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