CD Meyer Releases BrainFlexers -

CD Meyer Releases BrainFlexers

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FAIRFIELD, NJ--CD Meyer announces the release of their newest product, Brain Flexers.

The digital signage industry has been growing at an incredible rate over the past number of years. Having been involved in creating digital signage content for a number of corporations, CD Meyer has been involved in this industry since its inception. In the past few years while attending national conferences within the Digital Signage industry, CD Meyer president, Chris Meyer, noticed the growing need for content and the relatively slow growth of content solutions.

Meyer began considering the possibility of developing digital signage content products a few years ago. He developed the company’s fuel signage brand specifically for this purpose and started with a background and template library.

On a flight home from a digital signage show in February, Chris was inspired to utilize his company’s expertise in game development to create a new and exciting digital signage content product now known as Brain Flexers. These “clips” of digital signage content are visual games that require no interaction with the screen, making them easily used in any signage network or hardware configuration.

The games, which run from 40 seconds to over a minute, incorporate beautiful photographs and interesting game concepts. The game content ranges in subject matter from points of interest, to pop culture concepts and much more. The animated effects are designed to draw attention and keep people looking (and thinking).

Brain Flexers are currently available in multiple video file types and in both horizontal and vertical formats. The content and design of the visual games can also be customized for a client’s specifications and subject matter. Detailed information on Brain Flexers can be found online at


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Visix Inc. has unveiled the latest update of its digital signage software application, AxisTV version 7.0.9. The release includes a variety of new features, enhancements and a few bug fixes for a significantly improved user experience. Additionally, the release is designed for greater overall application performance, improved network integration for diverse IT infrastructures and support for multiple browsers.

Channel M/Nielsen Study Released

Out-of-home marketing company Channel M today released the results of a Nielsen Company study illustrating how its custom video advertising networks can drive substantial increases in retail sales.  GameStop TV, a customized in-store network produced by GameStop and Channel M, increased retail sales of advertised products available in GameStop by 19 to 36 percent in the locations where it was shown, according to the results of the Nielsen Company Pilot Study of GameStop’s Digital Network.  The study also found that other products featured within the GameStop TV program and available at GameStop, also enjoyed an average sales increase of 20 percent. According to the Nielsen results, 65 percent of all store visitors watch or listen to the in-store programming and 72 percent of the store’s audience is male customers between the ages of 12 and 34, a coveted but often elusive consumer demographic for retailers and advertisers...

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Scala launched yesterday the new version of InfoChannel 5 release 3 at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, NV. New features in this release include: - InfoChannel now has a new high-performance video-playback engine that provides faster videos playback, including 60fps video, and HD video on suitable hardware - InfoChannel now supports playback of H.264 (MPEG-4) video files. H.264 offers high visual quality at a smaller file size than MPEG-2 or WMV files - You can create text in languages such as Arabic, Thai, Hebrew, Hindi, Vietnamese, and other complex writing systems - The new Broadcast Server module for InfoChannel Content Manager allows you to distribute content and plans to players using a multicast or package delivery network Support for playing and controlling external audio sources from the "Line Input" of a sound card