Digital Signage Investors Conference NY

  • The anticipated Oct 6-7, 2009 Digital Signage Investors Conference in New York will be the 4th annual in which investors, network operators, analysts, major suppliers and agencies gather to share information on key wealth creation elements of the industry.
  • Executives from a cross-section of Digital Signage/Digital Out-of-Home (DS/DOOH) industry constituencies will, from their vantage point, address Merger/Acquisitions, Business Models, Valuations, Financing, Opportunities, Risks and the outlook for the sector and the forms that comprise it.
  • Last years event provided key indications for the sector. Even as recession was imminent, and the country of Iceland was about to declare bankruptcy, at least 50 delegates showed their show-of-hands enthusiasm for the industry when asked “How many of you have money and want to invest in Digital Signage”. The 2008 event was a healthy mix of executive delegates including 32 percent investors and 63 percent Corporate/Business Owners.
  • This then, investment has occurred, along with some network consolidation, entry by new corporations and many firms have streamlined their activities, while virtually every ad agency related report has pointed to the need for more effective and accountable media.
  • Conference Chair Stephen Nesbit, President & COO of Reflect Systems, Inc says “As we come out of these economic headwinds, it is clear that the role of digital in advertising and merchandising will look quite different from the pre-recession setting. Digital media will play a much more prominent role. The timing of this investor conference is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this new digital media momentum”.
  • The outlook for digital out-of-home and place-based media is extremely positive.

In an Aug 10 Adage article Laurence Boschetto, president-CEO, DraftFCB is quoted as saying "This current economy has stimulated a new marketing consciousness," said "Clients are saying they want accountability for every dollar they spend, and they want cause and effect. Clients will continue to rally behind ideas that build business, and we as an industry have to accept that things will never revert back to the pre-recession mind-set that wasn't totally focused on accountability."

The article continued with MaryLee Sachs, director of the worldwide marketing communications practice at WPP's Hill & Knowlton saying “That seemingly bodes well -- or at least better -- for some media. When a turnaround does come, chief marketing officers "will continue to look for new avenues and means with which to connect with their core consumers most cost-effectively. This puts digital, earned-media opportunities and niche-targeted initiatives" at the forefront”.

Dominick Porco, Chairman & CEO of Adspace Networks, Inc. who will be presenting at the event says “DOOH is coming into the main stream with major broadcast advertisers making substantial commitments to the medium” He adds “Our YOY revenue is up over 50 percent on what was a healthy 2008. From an investment standpoint this will bring a heightened interest to the sector and help to drive strong multiples in the future”.

During a presentation earlier this year Pat Quinn, CEO of PQ Media, said “The “Buzz-meter" is at the top of the scale and this recession is accelerating changes that want and need to happen in the media landscape.” He noted that Digital Out-of-Home has had a 23.1 percent compound annual growth rate from 2002-2007 and that 2008 revenues are $2.4 billion including $1.4 billion for 211 Video Ad Networks and $473 million for 1387 digital billboards.

Quinn continued “Advertisers want engagement, dwell time, geographic targeting, screen views and granular demographic targeting, all of which digital signage can provide.”

In serving as the place to capture objective input from knowledgeable resources related to the investment aspects of the industry, the 4th annual Digital Signage Investors Conference is assured to offer key insight and contacts for anyone with portfolio, business and industry development goals.