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POPAI U Webcast-Retail Media

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POPAI will be hosting a webcast devoted to "Optimizing and Integrating your Retail Media Content into Effective Digital Signage". The Web cast will take place February 27, 3:00 - 4:30pm Eastern time. To register:
Webcast description: "Digital signage is one of the most powerful elements of the overall store media marketing plan. But is it being used to its' full potential? Critical to its' success is how it is integrated into the overall store experience and how it resonates with the different consumers walking your aisles...how do you develop this kind of content is the key. With this session, you'll learn:
The critical principles of digital signage in your store environment...and where digital fits in."
- How & When to talk to the customer with Digital Signage.
- How to develop content that addresses the various customer profiles that walk into your store.
- The best methods for integrating current marketing strategies into strategic, concise digital signage messaging to out perform most other media channels.
POPAI Member registration $250.00
RMC $375.00
Non-member Registration $500.00
Marc Credits: 1 credit in Category II
About the Presenters
Carre Dawson, eVision, LLC
Carre has over 10 years of electronic media experience with the emphasis on content and application development. She has developed solutions such as In-Store Kiosks and Digital Signage applications for clients including Best Buy, Thomasville, Costco, Musicland and Gateway.
In 2006, Carre accepted a position of Vice President with eVision. This Hollywood- based company, has over 25 years of bringing a mix of entertainment, advertising and promotional content that reinforces customer brand identification for such Brands as Mercedes Benz, Wet Seal, JC Penney and El Torito. She also had been Chairing the POPAI Advocacy Group since its' inception.
Her years of retailing, combined with her electronic media experience gives her a keen sense of how to use this medium to reach consumers at the point of purchase.
carre@etvnet.com; http://www.etvnet.com/
Laura Davis Taylor, Retail Media Consulting
Laura Davis-Taylor is a 15-year Agency veteran with a diverse background in traditional advertising, brand planning, interactive marketing, digital signage, merchandising and retail/environmental design--all geared towards creating consumer-centric solutions for the business challenges of her clients. As Founder & Principal of Retail Media Consulting, her team's focus is on helping brands strategize and execute salient media experiences within the store as a marketingvehicle. She is the yearly chair of the Digital Retailing Expo, an executive member of the POPAI Digital Signage Advocacy Committee and a lecturer, workshop teacher and active author in the Marketing at Retail space.


Retail Media Webcast

POPAI's University on the Web will present a webcast on "Optimizing and Integrating Your Retail Media Content into Effective Digital Signage". The webcast will take place February 27, 3-4:30pm Eastern time.

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