NTT Com Enhances Digital-Signage System -

NTT Com Enhances Digital-Signage System

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NTT Communications has announced that Spot Media, its digital-signage system for the delivery of advertisements and other communication content to digital signage, newly offers cost-saving features including a universal platform for all customers and outsourcing, as well as extended compatibility.According to the company, as with the original Spot Media, the new system offers a complete package of hardware and delivers content to digital signs either directly or via a broadband network.

In addition, all operations can be outsourced to NTT Communications (NTT Com), including content delivery scheduling, content registration and delivery management, representing additional savings to the customer. NTT Com estimates that the average cost of launching and operating a Spot Media digital signage system will be about one fourth of previous cost levels.

NTT Com claims that the new Spot Media is compatible with Willcom's ultra-mobile D4 handheld computer, providing a wireless solution for digital-signage communications in locations where hard wiring or large screens are not possible, such as small display racks in stores.
Spot Media also is newly compatible with NTT Com's Kaori Tsushin (fragrance communication) service, a new communication and marketing tool that instructs web-connected devices to emit aromas according to a set schedule to gain the attention of passers-by and enhance the impact of promotional content.

Going forward, NTT Com expects to adapt Spot Media for use with public wireless local area networks and services for emergency warning and surveillan


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