Milpitas Updates AV System with Linx Prime Switchers -

Milpitas Updates AV System with Linx Prime Switchers

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When the City of Milpitas, CA needed an update for their city council chamber's AV system, RGB Spectrum joined with two other San Francisco Bay area companies who designed and installed the system.

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Milpitas, situated near the southeast shore of San Francisco Bay and part of Silicon Valley, is home to the corporate headquarters of Maxtor, LSI Corporation, Intersil, Cisco Systems, SanDisk and many more.

The previous analog based system at the site had been in service for over 10 years and was ready for retirement. Ian Hunter, senior consultant at San Francisco based The Shalleck Collaborative, specified a system built around two RGB Spectrum Linx Prime 1800 CrossXFormat matrix switchers and a QuadView display processor. Taking full advantage of their modularity, the Linx 16x16 chassis were equipped with a mix of DVI/HDMI, DVI/analog and HD-SDI input cards. Outputs include scaled DVI and DVI over Fiber. The switchers also have spare I/O card positions for future growth. Input sources include computers, Blu-Ray, HD TV tuners, several cameras and a visualizer (a type of overhead camera that can display 3-D objects).

The Linx's scaled outputs ensure that all sources, regardless of their resolution and timing, can be switched smoothly and viewed full-screen on the variety of different display devices used throughout the site, encompassing the projector to the 20-inch, 42-inch and 55-inch LCD flat panel displays.

One Linx switcher has four of its outputs feeding an RGB Spectrum QuadView processor. Four additional analog sources are also fed directly to the Quadview and its output is then routed back to an input of the Linx, allowing routing and distribution of the multi-image signal to additional downstream signal management devices and the facility's displays. The two Linx units, located in different locations within the building, are linked together over fiber optic cable with some outputs of each unit connected to inputs of the other unit. This provides the ability to route sources feeding either Linx to be connected to a plethora of downstream devices. RGB Spectrum's ExtendView FiberDVI compact fiber extenders were used to tie the two Linx switchers together.

Jim Jones, project manager with Santa Rosa, CA based PCD, who performed the install, expressed his pleasure with how the RGB spectrum products "worked right out of the box."


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