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Education Takes The Spotlight

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Education courses at InfoComm were a major destination, despite predictions that companies would cut back on training because of the difficult economy. “While it’s a smaller number or attendees than in years past, we’re pleased,” says Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., Executive Director, InfoComm International. “It’s still important. Our education program continues to feature very vital and good courses.”

Four hundred people registered for the classes with the Institute of Professional Development, while InfoComm seminar courses exceeded 6500 registrants—an average of 65 students per classroom.

Lemke cites renewal units as a major reason for good course attendance. “With 9000 people certified by InfoComm, they’ve got to get their renewal units, and this is a way for them to take advantage of the Show and network at the same time.”


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Since we last gathered at an InfoComm Show, the economy has turned the world at large upside-down. But what of our commercial AV industry? It seems the storm has passed over many without much disruption, and InfoComm 09 is a forum for determining the forecast.

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The economy of the past few years has caused many businesses to take a hard look at overall expenses and eliminate costs that they can survive without.

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Hampton, NJ--Kramer USA began licensing InfoComm classes in October 2006, when the company’s VP of marketing became authorized to teach the Essentials of AV course, which at the time was the class used to prepare for the CTS examination. Subsequently, Kramer hired Max Kopsho as a full-time trainer and expanded its off

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by Mary Bakija The world seems to get smaller every year, and integrators are a necessary part of the equation. People rely on our industry world-wide to help create innovative collaborative technology solutions, and the need is only growing. “Looking at our market studies, conferencing is going to be very strong