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Digital Signage Software Survey

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On July 2, I fired a salvo across the bow of industry with the announcement that Digital Signage magazine would be focusing in our next issue on the essential distinction between Hosted (or SaaS “Software as a Service”) vs. Premise-based digital signage content management software.

Putting on an end-users hat, in that announcement (, I was trying to make the point that most of these issues that I laid out, in the "self-host vs. SaaS" call for responses, were issues as perceived (or misperceived) by a lot of users, and not my opinions about benefits of one or the other system.

The announcement worked, and I've been getting lots of responses from the industry, pointing out the hazards of comparing software packages on that basis. Great input, that we?ll be incorporating into the coverage in the magazine.

In the next print issue, we?ll be going in-depth into the issue, but before we do, I'm sending out a questionnaire to digital signage content management software providers, asking them to describe for our readers the attributes of their offerings, and how they position and market their software packages in the overall context of SaaS “Software as a Service” and premise-based digital signage content systems.

The results of the survey/questionnaire, will be posted online at

If you make and market digital signage content management software (not resell, but author and sell the software package to either end-users or integrators), and have not received the questionnaire from us, please email for a copy of the questionnaire .


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