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Philips Pronto Shows Off Control Panels

  • Philips Pronto is showing off its TSU Series of wireless touch panels. The line consists of two wand style control panels, optimal for hotel and MDU applications, and two tablet style panels (TSU9600 and TSU9800), perfect for boardroom and conference room settings. The line boasts the company’s PEP 2.4 for a dynamic two-way integration as well as the high quality design expected from Pronto panels. The series features Pronto’s cutting-edge design and flush mounted display which allows these control panels to seamless integrate into any commercial application. The user interface on each remote is fully customizable, and the flush mounted display means that the screen is not recessed, but instead flows smoothly with the casing. The result is a stylish unit that not only provides the end-user with intuitive fingertip control, but also saves the installer valuable time by increasing programming efficiency and operational reliability. Thanks to its best-in-class WIFI wireless link, Pronto is ultra-reliable for complete and efficient control that is required in commercial applications. This proven RF technology, together with the unique Pronto protocol, ensures that codes and precision macro timings are precisely executed. This means they arrive at equipment anywhere exactly as they should. Pronto is designed to work seamlessly with its dedicated wireless extender and serial extender, expanding the possibilities without a lot of additional wiring. The four remotes all feature wireless control, and the TSU9800 offers wired network connectivity.