Barco’s Nexxis for Digital Operating Rooms Gains Foothold in Europe

  • Ten leading hospitals in Belgium and the Netherlands have signed a contract for the installation of Barco Nexxis, which will form a critical part of their new digital operating room (OR) infrastructure.
  • Barco’s IP-centric solution for video and image management and distribution has been set up in several operating rooms already, including AZ Maastricht, Sint-Antonius Nieuwegein and Elkerliek hospital (the Netherlands). Over 70 ORs in the Benelux have committed to installing the new solution in the next months. The hospitals choose Nexxis for its image quality, ease of use, scalability and reliability.
  • Barco’s Nexxis integrated OR solution offers a IP network-centric approach. While in traditional OR integration solutions, AV systems connect devices like endoscopy cameras, computers, scanners and surgical displays, Nexxis uses a high bandwidth 10 Gbps IP network to integrate surgical equipment. The unique OR-over-IP approach ensures high-quality imaging and enables a smooth distribution of uncompressed medical video, graphics, audio and computer data throughout the OR with near-zero latency.
  • The installation of Nexxis can also include a component for live streaming video distribution and recording—a solution based on products and technology of visualization expert IP Video Systems, which Barco acquired in February 2012. This component will help surgeons and clinicians to record live operations and share the images in real time with other surgical suites or with students, thus fostering collaboration and education. AZ Maastricht chose this solution for its hybrid OR.
  • “Nexxis clearly meets the imaging needs of today’s increasingly complex operating environments. We are pleased to see how, hardly a year after its launch, European hospitals quickly understand the powerful features of the IP network to optimize performance in and beyond operating rooms,” said Johan Stockman, vice president of strategic marketing surgical imaging at Barco. “The first implementations of Nexxis in Belgium and the Netherlands are a clear sign that a European breakthrough is imminent.”
  • “After a demonstration of Barco Nexxis, we quickly understood that this video over IP solution is the best way to go to meet the needs of video distribution in our new OR environment,” added Robert Elfrink, medical physicist at the Elkerliek hospital. “We believe that Nexxis, because of its uncompromised image quality, ease of use, scalability and reliability, will be a technically advanced and future-proof solution for video distribution inside and outside the OR. Nexxis will help all OR healthcare staff to concentrate on patient care instead of dealing with technical issues.”

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