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Webinars to Address Media Players, Projection

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The Digital Signage Group continues to sponsor webinars on a host of different subjects- all designed to get you further along on the digital signage learning curve.

Digital View Solid State Media Players - February 16, 2007 at 10:00 am Pacific Time (1:00 pm Eastern Time)
Digital View builds a complete line of rock-solid media players that are flexible, reliable, and cost effective to deploy.
* Features and differences between complete line of solid state media players
* How to use the media players in various situations
* Optional equipment that can make the players react to user input, print coupons, and track usage

ProDisplay Projection Screens - Februrry 23, 2007 at 10:00 am Pacific Time (1:00 pm Eastern Time)
PEOPLE often think that the display options for digital signage are between LCD or Plasma. Projection can be even more impactful and at a competitive cost. ProDisplay enables projection technologies with their complete line of specialty screen materials.
* The ProDisplay line of projection materials
* How these materials can be used to create displays with more impact than traditional LCD and plasma displays
Information and sign-up for the webinars: www.tdsg.net


SpinetiX Media Player at InfoComm

SpinetiX HMP200 Hyper Media Player at InfoComm 2011 Designed to dramatically simplify the implementation of small-scale signage projects, SpinetiX has created Fusion software.  Fusion is installed within every SpinetiX HMP Hyper Media Player and allows content to be managed via a web browser interface.  It can easily

Insight Media University Webinar Today

David Keene– Catch the Webinar today, announcing and explaining the launch of IMU. Insight Media and Brawn Consulting, with NewBay Media as the exclusive, official Publishing Partner, are announcing in a Webinar today, the launch of Insight Media University (IMU) and the IMU website located at www.IMUniversity.info. I

New Gefen Media Players

Gefen has announced the availability of two new digital signage media players, expanding the range of solutions it provides for this growing industry segment. Both Digital Signage Media Players with Wi-Fi offer a SMIL (synchronized multimedia integration language)-compliant media player that works with any computer

Symon New Media Players

Symon Communications has announced the general availability of its new Symon Digital Appliance Series of media players.  The SDA Series is an advanced network-manageable product that maximizes the efficiency and flexibility of delivering dynamic digital signage to LCD and plasma screens. SDAs are used for employee and corporate communications, retail, hospitality and gaming, health care, contact center and supply chain, encompassing a wide variety of broadcast content combining Symon’s 27 years of expertise in visual display technology.

SpinetiX HMP200 Hyper Media Player

SpinetiX has announced that it is now shipping its Fusion content management software and HMP200 Hyper Media Player. Because Fusion is installed within every HMP and no additional software is required, there are no subscription licence fees for users to pay. The userinterface features intuitive drag-and-drop architect