New Products January

New Products January

Planar's Clarity Rear-Projection Displays

  • Planar Systems' Clarity rear-projection displays are named the SP Series. The new SP rear-projection digital light processing (DLP) cubes, which utilize DLP technology from Texas Instruments, are available in either "open system" or "integrated system" configurations and come in diagonal sizes of 50 inches (c50SP/c50SPi), 67 inches (c67SP/c67SPi), and wide screen 70 inches (c70SPw/c70SPwi). Each of the SP displays supports Planar's set it and forget it (SiFi) technology that automates the continuous operation of Clarity cubes at peak performance.
  • The SP series is positioned in the control room market following the Planar display tradition of providing display solutions for the government and corporate applications. The c50SP and c67SP offer 4:3 aspect ratio and SXGA+ (1400x1050) resolution, while the c70SPw delivers wide screen 16:9 aspect ratio and full HD (1920x1080) resolution.

AMX has launched its first product in a new line of fiber optic matrix switchers. The AutoPatch Epica "digital generation" (EpicaDG) was designed specifically for large AV installations, such as command and control or network operations centers, needing to distribute highly sensitive, mission-critical information over fiber.

The EpicaDG converts digital and analog high-resolution video inputs out to multiple video formats simultaneously. DVI and fiber I/O boards are available today, while analog video, SD-SDI, and HD-SDI are scheduled for release in Q1 2007. All the boards will be available in custom configurations from as small as 16x16, all the way up to 144x144. The EpicaDG offers remote front panel control, along with an RS-232 port for communicating with an AMX or other manufacturers' control system. Additional features of the EpicaDG include advanced system self-diagnostics, redundant power supplies, groupings, and presets.

Apollo's ArtistaControlCenterLite Software

The Apollo ArtistaControlCenterLite software works in conjunction with the patented ArtistaNET or ArtistaUSB display controllers to control multiple displays simultaneously displaying similar or different content with just one user PC via connection to a LAN or USB interface. Client PCs that have traditionally been necessary at each monitor for display control are now redundant, which reduces total cost and simplifies installation. There is no loss of image quality from display to display. Applications include digital advertising, POI/POS displays, HMIs for machine control, status displays, and a range of other uses. The ArtistaControlCenterLite software automatically recognizes up to six Artista kits, which include the ArtistaNET or ArtistaUSB controller, six TFT LCDs, all necessary inverters, cables, and power supplies, and a client PC.

Barco's ScreenPRO-II Switcher

Barco has introduced a new option for the popular ScreenPRO-II presentation switcher. The extended output card (EOC) enables operators to utilize a new second output channel at a separate resolution from the current main/program output. In addition, users can now select the ScreenPRO-II with EOC to output either the signals from the main/program output channel or from the preview output channel.

The ScreenPRO-II with the EOC option will allow for simultaneous output of analog and SDI signals at NTSC/PAL and HD resolutions such as 480p, 720p and 1080i. This would also include analog output for RGB signal types such as VGA, SVGA, XGA and SXGA. In addition, the EOC increases ScreenPRO-II total available memory for image still store.

Samsung's PPM42M6H and PPM50M6H Plasma Displays

Samsung's 42-inch PPM42M6H and 50-inch PPM50M6H high definition plasma displays are appropriate solutions for education, conference room, and retail installations. A built-in RS-232C interface allows a single computer to control multiple displays with the included multi display control software, increasing ease-of-use and application possibilities. These displays also utilize Samsung's proprietary DNIe (digital natural image enhancement) technology to enhance detail, contrast, 3D motion quality, and natural colors, making them ideal for video-centric applications. Advanced six-way burn-in protection and an extra long life of over 60,000 hours, help to ensure years of reliable use. Both displays are available with a black bezel.

Chief Manufacturing's RPA Elite Mounts

Chief Manufacturing's RPA Elite universal and custom projector mounts are designed as a upgrade to the RPA Mounts. The Elite Series offer new features designed to add value and minimize installation times. RPA Elite includes the same features as the RPA Series, such as independent roll, pitch and yaw, integrated cable management, and all-points security; packaged in a new slim design.

It allows post-installation yaw adjustment of flush-mounted projectors up to 12 degrees. Custom models are available in black, universal models are available in black, silver, or white. A new selection of speed-connect accessories including ceiling plates, extension columns, and suspended ceiling kits are available.

Crestron's MPS-100

Crestron's MediaManager line has begun shipping with the MPS-100. The MPS-100 integrates the multimedia switcher, audio processor and amplifier, and control system into a 2-space rackmount package. The MPS-100 provides switching of two video inputs and three RGBHV sources. Each video input can be configured as composite, S-Video, or component supporting HD video sources up to 1080i. The DB15HD inputs support RGBHV signals up to WUXGA (1920 X 1200 pixels). Two outputs are provided, each independently switchable to support dual displays, or a single audience display plus preview. One output utilizes conventional BNC and DB15HD connectors comprising separate composite, Y/C, Y/Pb/Pr, and RGBHV signals. The second output takes advantage of QuickMedia or Cat-5 balanced video, providing a simple interface for connecting to a Crestron touchpanel, or extending several hundred feet to a display device using low-cost Cat-5 type wire.

Speco's PAW-80A Amplifier

Speco Technologies' new portable amplifier with VHF microphone system and CD player is designed to offer value for off-site meetings, school gatherings, and outdoor events. The PAW-80A, featuring 80 watts of power, lets the communicator connect with audiences up to 2,000 people while coming complete with two microphone connectors and auxiliary in and out connections.

With compact, "Class D" amplifier technology, this lightweight amplifier comes with a six-function CD player for pre- and post-presentation entertainment. The presenter has a choice of using a handheld or lapel VHF wireless microphone (both included) on this single channel unit. An internal, rechargeable battery will allow three hours of cordless use.

Da-Lite's Euro Deluxe Lectern

Da-Lite's Euro Deluxe Lectern is a versatile solution for any speaking engagement. With its standard gooseneck halogen lamp, the generous reading surface easily accommodates literature and electronics. The frame has a satin black powder coated finish and the black velour dress panel is compatible with Velcro making the addition of logos or signs simple. Power is supplied by a detachable electrical cord and an adjustable gooseneck microphone is available as an option. The refined design of the Da-Lite Euro Deluxe Lectern makes it a choice for educational, hospitality, conference, and meeting center applications.

Sennheiser's Evolution 602 II

Sennheiser is now shipping the e 602 II cardioid dynamic microphone, successor to the e 602. The e 602 II is designed especially for use with kick drums, bass guitar cabs, tubas, and other low-frequency instruments. Featuring a more robust yet lightweight aluminum housing, more than 40 percent lighter than its predecessor, the e 602 II provides greater stability when positioned on a long boom arm. The capsule offers a fast attack, coupled with an extended low-frequency response, enabling the e 602 II to provide smooth, deep, and clear reproduction of bass instruments for sound reinforcement and recording applications. The e 602 II features lightweight voice coil construction, fast transient response and extended low-frequency response.

InfoValue's SuiteTV Version 3.0

InfoValue Computing's latest incarnation of its hospitality streaming platform, SuiteTV Version 3.0 features e-commerce capabilities, messaging, a redesigned graphical user interface (GUI), and increased advertising options for hospitality providers. New services include the ability for a guest or resident to perform e-commerce transactions from the television and receive TV-based messages from the lobby regarding calls or visitors. In addition, groups hosting conferences at or near the premises can notify all members of the group of upcoming meetings and locations via the television.

Also with SuiteTV Version 3.0, hotel guests and MDU residents can send and receive e-mail and attachments directly through the television screen, as well as print documents to a common business center. All of these transactions occur through a newly redesigned GUI that is highly intuitive, with improved performance and interactivity.

Stardraw's 2007 Design and Documentation Products

Stardraw's current design/documentation products will be replaced by newly branded, '2007' versions. An important change being introduced with the 2007 product series is a policy of free minor version releases (MVR's) offered independently of any annual subscription. MVR's include bug fixes, any updates needed in response to changes in supported operating systems and minor UI enhancements to existing functionality. Such updates are free to all users of that version for as long as it is supported, even if they do not have a current subscription.

Digital View's M3-100 and M3-200

Digital View's new line of interactive digital media players are designed for the OEM and VAR channels. The M3-100 and M3-200 allow Digital View's existing sales channels to take advantage of the growing digital signage markets. Features of the media players include content scheduling, via a real time clock and calendar, full playlist control, database capabilities, RS-232 ports, USB ports, NTSC/PAL S-Video, and analog RGB video output.

The M3-100 entry-level media player provides a "client" USB connection that permits the content on the CF card to be updated on-site from a Windows-based PC. The M3-200 player features an enhanced "host USB" capability that can accept content updates from an industry standard USB memory stick, enabling rapid and convenient updates to players in installed locations.

Teq Gear's netRPB

Teq Gear's netRPB Live Presentation web broadcasting recorder/player/broadcaster allows users to view a live stream, download archived streaming media files, or download the free netRPB player from or The netRPB is a real-time, multi-source capturing, web-streaming server, player, and storage device. It is the only equipment needed to record and broadcast streaming video over the Internet.

SLS Loudspeakers' 8290 Portable PA/box

SLS Loudspeakers' 8290 multipurpose portable PA/box is suited for multimedia installations, public speaking and speeches, as well as house and stage monitor usage. The 8290's full-range passive high-quality dual eight-inch design incorporates a compact multi-angled cabinet with maximum sound pressure levels. The 8290 is equipped with SLS' PRD500 planar ribbon driver that is contained within a 90 degree die cast aluminum waveguide. Its dual 8-inch woofers provide increased control in the vertical plane.

Electrograph Systems' RevolutionHD

Electrograph Systems' RevolutionHD family of LCD and plasma displays are available with imaging science foundation certification calibration controls (ISFccc) and custom designed frames. The line enhancements are being incorporated to increase installer profitability, installation flexibility, and the overall end user viewing experience. ISFccc is an elite enhancement that allows certified installers to further optimize the RevolutionHD flat panel image for bright and dark rooms.

The new RevolutionHD custom frames complete the installation with a number of colors and styles that integrate the flat panels with any room environment and home décor. The RevolutionHD line packs the latest HD technology into sleek 32-inch, 37-inch, 42-inch, and 46-inch LCD displays and 42-inch and 50-inch plasma displays.

ERG's Smart Force Inverters

Endicott Research Group (ERG) offers a family of smart force DC-AC inverters that provide a range of standard and custom solutions for display and device designers who need to power electroluminescent (EL) backlit LCDs or devices where EL is used for accent and decorative lighting. For powering imported EL lamps used to backlight LCD modules from overseas manufacturers, ERG offers the JLA Series of inverters to match the characteristics of these lamps, such as those incorporated into LCD modules from Epson, Hitachi, Optrex, Seiko, Sharp, Toshiba, and other manufacturers. There are three JLA Series package sizes, with the "H" package having the capability to power 80 square-inch (516 square-cm) to 120V @ 400 Hz. The P Package offers the same capability as the standard size JLA or LPS Series inverters, but in a more compact package, 1.01-inches L x .82-inches W x .70-inches H.

Tannoy's CMS801 In-Ceiling Speaker

Tannoy has added the CMS801 DC to its already extensive range of in-ceiling speakers. Incorporating an 8-inch Tannoy Dual Concentric point source, constant directivity drive unit, the CMS801 DC offers high power handling (180 Watts programme/360 Watts peak) and wide dispersion to provide excellent coverage. Perfect for in-ceiling applications, the point source driver system generates a spherical wave front unaffected by energy loss at the crossover frequency in either vertical or horizontal planes.

Exceptional ease of installation is facilitated by the patented self-aligning clamp mechanism and the supplied C-rings and tile bridge rails. A plaster (mud) ring is available as an optional accessory. An optional pre-wire back can for use with the CMS801 PI is available to optimize performance and to provide compliance with safety ratings.

FSR's CI-5LB Active Interface

FSR is introducing the new CI-5LB high resolution active computer video interface with an HD-15 computer video input and HD-15 local monitor loop output. The CI-5LB has a local unbalanced stereo mini jack input and converts the signal to balanced audio for noiseless operation. An RGBHV 5 BNC equalized video output drives cable lengths up to 150 feet. This high bandwidth interface is packaged as a standard single gang wall plate, or it can be ordered as a Smart Fit CI-5LB and it will mount into the FSR smart fit poke-thrus. The CI-5LB is designed for applications requiring quick connectivity to a local workstation and a longer cable run to a projector of house display.

Gefen's 1:8 Distribution Amp

The newest distribution amp engineered by Gefen delivers high definition video plus digital and/or analog audio to eight separate displays. The 1:8 component audio distribution amplifier is designed to support today's component video sources with true high definition capability, delivering resolutions up to 1080p for crisp, highly defined visuals. Along with the video, this rack mountable unit comes equipped with one analog audio input and eight outputs as well as one digital S/PDIF input and eight outputs. This enables full auditory performance together with the visuals on all eight displays at the same time. If displays need to be extended throughout the venue, Gefen supplies component video extension solutions, designed to deliver HD resolutions up to 330 feet (100 meters) over Cat-5 cables.

ETA Systems' Uninterruptible Power Manager (UPM)

ETA Systems has added two new uninterruptible power manager (UPM) models to its product line-up. The former 350VA model is now 420VA and the 500VA model has been increased to 600VA. These next generation UPMs from ETA are designed to provide the most complete power protection against power outages, surges and noise associated with "dirty" power. As with all of ETA's products, you can expect clean conditioned power from the isolation transformer based technology and a fluid sine wave form when the UPM goes on battery. The battery warranty covers two years and a five-year warranty extends to the electronics. All models are also in full compliance with the European Union's WEEE and RoHS directives. ETA UPMs also meet DOT, NEMA, and FAA guidelines.

HaiVision's Oscar Video Encoder/Decoder

HaiVision Systems has introduced the third platform within its H.264 MPEG-4 AVC product lineup, the hai200 series OSCAR. The Oscar is an extremely compact device designed specifically for video streaming and IPTV applications. The Oscar supports full resolution (SD or D1) encoding or decoding at up to 1.5 Mbps and supports MPEG-4 AVC H.264 baseline and enhanced profile with fully controllable resolution, frame rate, and bit rate from 64 kbps to 1.5 Mbps, thus tunable for virtually any bandwidth requirement. As well, both the encoder and decoder models include serial port access for centralized camera or display control.

SmartAVI's KDX200 Extender

SmartAVI's KDX200 supports DVI video interfaces and DVI operations with resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200 at 60Hz using STP Cat-5 cables. SmartAVI's objective in developing the KDX200 was to provide its clients with a way to present perfect image quality at all resolutions. The KDX200 can extend any DVI-D signal up to 250 feet with STP Cat-5 cables, while retaining a clear, crisp image. SmartAVI's technology guarantees that the use of the KDX200 results in minimal loss of image quality.

The KDX200 enables easy access to one server from multiple remote locations. It facilitates data sharing among departments. The KDX200 safeguards the servers by storing them in a secure and climate controlled environment while still providing access from the production floor. Clients can save on equipment costs, utilities, and physical space.

Vista Systems Updated Spyder Processor

The stereoscopic option for Vista Systems' Spyder windowing processor adds full stereoscopic support to Spyder's mixing, scaling, smooth-motion, keying, and blending feature set. SSO allows Spyder inputs to accept stereoscopic sources and synchronization signals. Stereo sources can have resolutions up to SX+ (1400x1050) and refresh rates up to 120hz. SSO also enables Spyder outputs to connect to active and/or passive stereoscopic display systems. Stereo displays can have resolutions up to SX+ (1400x1050) resolution each with refresh rates up to 120hz. Spyder also allows higher-resolution stereoscopic displays to be created by tiling and/or blending. Spyder permits 2D (standard) and 3D (stereoscopic) content to mingle together seamlessly. Stereo and mono sources can be backgrounds, PIPs or keys.

Sierra's Viper Video Routing Switchers

Sierra Video Systems' Viper ultra-wideband video routing switchers have 500MHz bandwidth and feature hot-swappable video boards, control processors, and power supplies. Viper routing switchers' modularity allow for increased performance and reliability in critical video applications.
The new Viper ultra-wideband routing switchers offer configurations up to 64x64 in eight input and/or eight output increments, all housed in a compact frame: 4RU per video channel.

Viper routing switcher systems can be ordered according to the video signal type to be used. Each frame can be used as a single video channel or as a single sync channel. For RGBHV signal use, five frames would be required. For component video use (RGsB or YUV), three frames would be required. A five-channel RGBHV system stands 20RU, roughly ten rack units smaller than many competitive models.

Belden's Wireless Solution

Belden's new Wireless Solution provides for the seamless convergence of data, video, and voice (VoWLAN) and is future-proofed for voice over Wi-Fi. The architecture of the Belden Wireless Solution is fundamentally different. While standard WLANs use cell-based technologies that require complex RF cell planning in an attempt to avoid co-channel interference, the Belden Wireless Solution uses a unique channel blanket topology to allow each radio channel to be used everywhere, thereby creating blankets of continuous wireless coverage with no roaming latency or co-channel interference problems.

Martin Audio's WS218X Sub

The WS218X high performance sub-bass system provides maximum bass impact and definition for theater sound systems, club sound reinforcement, and special effects sub-bass applications. Designed for use with large scale Wavefront and Blackline systems, the WS218X features twin 1000-watt 18-inch drivers capable of reproducing low frequencies down to 35Hz. Each driver employs a magnet structure and suspension engineered for maximum linear excursion along with high temperature four-inch voice coils. The WS218X produces a high power output of 136dB continuous and 142dB peak. The birch ply cabinet is fitted with six pocket handles and four 4-inch castors for easy deployment. It also features large area porting to reduce air noise.

Sony's HD Robotic Camera

Sony's EVI robotic camera is designed for videoconferencing, distance learning, houses of worship, and corporate training. The single chip-based, pan/tilt/zoom camera features multi-format capabilities to output both standard- and high-definition video so users can easily migrate from standard-definition to HD. The new EVI-HD1 model uses a 1080i CMOS sensor that delivers high-definition resolution in 720p, 1080i, or 1080p. The camera can be used with compatible codecs and systems from other manufacturers, due to its ability to output standard-definition video (YC and composite), high-definition analog component (Y, Pub, Pr) or digital HD-SDI.

The unit incorporates a 10x optical zoom lens with a 70-degree horizontal field of view, making it ideal for conference rooms and courtrooms. The EVI-HD1 is also equipped with high-torque, high-speed direct drive motors that enable smooth, fast, and quiet pan/tilt operations.

Eaton's Powerware BladeUPS

Eaton's Powerware BladeUPS is a rack-based uninterruptible power system (UPS) designed and optimized for today's high-powered blade servers and high-density computing environments. The Powerware BladeUPS is a new three-phase system that delivers energy efficiency, scalability, and flexibility. The Powerware BladeUPS is the latest product in Eaton's series of Powerware-branded, rack-based solutions that also include enclosures and accessories, along with a complete line of remote monitoring and power-quality equipment.

The Powerware BladeUPS helps lower IT and facility managers' energy costs while delivering the most scalable and flexible power protection architecture for data centers and IT environments. With 12kW in only a 6U form factor, the Powerware BladeUPS has twice the power density of any comparable product in the marketplace.

TOA Wireless Microphone System

TOA Electronics is introducing two new UHF wireless microphone systems, the 5000 Series and 200/300 Series. The new 5000 Series operates in the 692-722 Mhz band with up to 16 simultaneous systems. Transmitter options include the WM-5220 condenser handheld, WM-5320 lapel, WM-5320H vocal headset and WM-5320A aerobic headset. Each transmitter is powered by a single AA battery for 10 hours of continuous operation. Receiver models include the WT-5800 true diversity 64-channel wireless tuner, WT-5805 space diversity 64-channel wireless tuner, and the portable WT-5810 space diversity 16-channel wireless tuner. All 5000 Series receivers feature a frequency scanning function and transmitter battery status indicator.

Neutrik's Crimp-XLR Series

Neutrik has introduced its Crimp-XLR cable connector and chassis receptacle. As the crimp termination version of its "XX" and "DLX" series, the new Crimp-XLR is a solution for large cable assemblies and solderless RoHS applications. It is available in several models for greater versatility and faster assembly. The three pole FXX (NC3FXX-A-D) and MXX (NC3MXX-A-D) cable connectors are terminated on semi-automated machines and include boot assembly and cable testing, while the three pole FXX and MXX connectors (NC3FXX-HA/NC3MXX-HA) and the three pole NC3FD-LX-HA and NC3MD-LX-HA chassis connectors are terminated with hand crimp tools.

Peerless' HG Series Mounts

Peerless Industries has introduced the new HG series universal flat panel wall mounts, developed to extend the appearance of the flat panel all the way to the wall, designed for an elegant look. The new HG series includes pivoting and articulating plasma and LCD wall mounts to complement the look of the latest flat panel screen finishes, high gloss piano black or high gloss silver, adding to the upscale appearance of the installation. The new mount series accommodates screens from 26 inches to 60 inches.

SMART's SMART Board 4000i Interactive Whiteboard

SMART Technologies' rear projection SMART Board 4000i interactive whiteboard has the highest resolution and the largest screen size in its class. New features include a 3000-lumen SXGA DLP projector (1400x1050 resolution) with a short-throw lens and a contrast ratio of 2500:1. The 4000i also comes with new screen technology that delivers uniform visuals for applications such as GIS (geographic information systems) used during briefings, debriefings, and command-and-control operations.

The 4000i features a high-resolution, 66-inch shadow-free screen, housed in an all-in-one mobile multimedia cabinet. Integrated projector controls are located at the front of the unit to make start-up and operation simple and convenient. Users control computer applications and access files and the Internet by touching the interactive whiteboard.

NuVision Ships 42- And 47-Inch 1080p Deep Black LCD Monitors

NuVision's 42- and 47-inch 1080p LCD monitors feature new cabinet designs with bottom mounted detachable speakers. In addition to releasing the new 1080p LCD monitors, NuVision has also begun shipping a new 1080p 37-inch LCD monitor and new 1080p LED DLP HDTV, bringing the NuVision 1080p offering to a total of four models. The NuVision product line now consists of seven models: six LCD models in sizes from 23-inch through 47-inch, and the 52-inch LED DLP HDTV. All models feature 1080p HDMI input capability as well as NuControl RS-232 capability.

ESP's AVP Series AC Power Cords

Essential Sound Products' (ESP) AV professional (AVP) series includes two ac power cord models (AVP-16, AVP-14) and complimentary power distribution strip with surge suppression (AV Power-Flow PRO). AVP power cords are designed to flow more current, faster, to the component's power supply. When the power supply can operate in a more efficient and robust manner, many distortion characteristics associated with underpowered equipment are greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

Audio improvements include more lifelike dynamic contrast with enhanced clarity, full frequency extension, harmonic and rhythmic integrity, and natural warmth. Video images are brighter with greater contrast, color saturation, and more three-dimensional looking. The AVP-16 power cord has three each line and neutral conductors, equivalent to a single 16-awg conductor, and is rated at 13-amps maximum continuous current at 120V.

Pelco Camclosure IS

Pelco's Camclosure IS is a new series of integrated camera systems. With five enclosure designs in all, with five different camera optics packages to accommodate various lighting conditions, these new Camclosure IS imaging systems are designed to produce images while delivering performance. Now available with day/night wide dynamic range, day/night high resolution, wide dynamic range, high-resolution color or a standard resolution color camera.

PG LifeLink VDV Systems

PG LifeLink's voice data video (VDV) columns and aluminum raceway systems are both part of the company's Versa-Duct line. VDV columns provide power and data connections for multiple voice, data, fiber optic, and video applications. Custom design and construction accommodate any configuration of receptacles, switches, ground jacks, and data or communication outlets. The columns are constructed of anodized aluminum with custom color finishes to match site décor; ceiling mount options provide installation flexibility.

PG LifeLink offers a line of raceway systems that enable entire facilities to be connected to electrical, data and communications lines. Factory pre-cut and pre-wired, these systems can be configured to any job specification.

Moving Head Projector From Proel

Proel's Moving Head Projector features a 36 LED and RGB color system with 50,000 hours of life. 12 LEDs per color create great variability of colors and very high brightness. The projector is equipped with an electronic dimmer that allows adjusting of the intensity of the light beam without modifying the shade of the colors.

Anchor Bay's DVDO iScan VP50

Anchor Bay's DVDO iScan VP50 is a system-level, high-definition video processor and AV hub that converts standard-definition, high-definition (including 1080p), and PC signals from DVD players, HD-DVD players, Blu-ray players, HD DVRs, game consoles, and PCs to any output resolution between VGA and 1080p, including popular HDTV resolutions such as 720p and 1080i.

The VP50 features all of the processing power of Anchor Bay's video reference series (VRS) technologies, including 10-bit precision video scaling II, that can independently scale an image horizontally and vertically to achieve outstanding picture quality for today's high-resolution video displays, and HD precision deinterlacing, which provides five-field motion-adaptive and edge-adaptive processing for an artifact-free viewing experience.

Pulizzi's PC3365 Series PDU

Pulizzi Engineering has released a new PC3365 Series rack mount power distribution unit (PDU). This new series is available in both North American and European configurations. The North American version input power is 3-phase 120/208 volt 30 amp, via a NEMA L21-30P plug. Power output is at 120 volts and distributed through 24 IEC C13 "computer style" receptacles, providing 8,640 VA of power. The European version input power is three-phase 230/400 volt 20 amp via an IEC 60309 plug. Power output is at 230 volts and distributed through 24 IEC C13 "computer style" receptacles, providing 11,040 VA of power.

Altinex's AVSnap v3.0.0 Software

Altinex's AVSnap v3.0.0 AV system design and integration software allows sharing of documents, presentations across the globe, and downloading manufacturer libraries all within in the same AVSnap environment. Additional changes with this updated version include: redesigned print preview for accurate document printing, full spelling with availability of 14 languages, wholly editable menus in eight different languages, direct access to manufacturer libraries and sample projects, and enhanced DXF import functions for compatibility.

SpeakerCraft's MDU Speaker

Sound transference into an adjoining unit, code restrictions that prevent cutting into the wall or ceiling surface, or the use of concrete or brick in the construction process are all reasons that make a flush-mounted speaker unworkable. The SpeakerCraft MDU speaker is designed for great sound reproduction in these situations with an elegant and functional solution.

The ported cabinet houses a four-inch woofer and a 3/4-inch dome tweeter that deliver a smooth and open sonic presentation. The speaker is mounted to the ceiling via a standard J-box or attached directly to the ceiling joist. The multi-pivot bracket allows the speaker to be aimed at the listening area from any position in the room.

Tampa Microwave Intros Ka Band Block Down Converters

Tampa Microwave is expanding its converter line to include a new series of high performance Ka block down converters covering the commercial and military bands (18.2 to 21.2 GHz). These new down converters are available in a compact, low profile package (4.5 inches x 2.5 inches x .970 inches). A key available option is a gain control feature with 31dB of gain control in 0.5 dB steps.

Sanus Systems' LR1A

Sanus Systems' LR1A, a new recessed in-wall box, allows a flat panel TV to rest snuggly against the wall, hiding the mount in the process. When used with Sanus Systems' VisionMount VM400 or LRF118 wall mounts, virtually any TV from 15 inches to 50 inches can be mounted so that the TV can be pulled out and pushed back, depending upon viewing needs. The LRF118 full motion flat panel TV wall mount also extends from 3.5 inches to 16.5 inches, and holds large LCD and plasma TVs (30 inches and 50 inches) weighing up to 130 pounds. The model LR1A in-wall box is made of heavy gauge steel that provides strength and rigidity. It is installed by cutting a hole in the sheetrock between wood studs and easily securing the recessed box to the studs with provided hardware. It features cutouts for signal and power cables.

TV One's C2-2000 Series

TV One's C2-2000 series is comprised of four down converters, four video switcher/scalers and two universal switcher/scalers. These units feature DVI and analog inputs and outputs. Five of the models are equipped with SDI. All units have an LCD on the front for set-up, eliminating the need for an on-screen display. The C2-2000 series focuses on ease of use while providing features common to more expensive devices. Automatic incoming resolution detection and support of multiple worldwide television standards are standard on all 10 units in the C2-2000 family. All units can handle a maximum input PC resolution of 2048 x 2048 and all HDTV resolutions up to 1080p. Variable zoom can go up to 10x allowing enlargement of any part of the computer screen while variable shrink can go down to 10 percent.

Hitachi's Starboard 7.1

Hitachi Software's new StarBoard Version 7.1 software features expanded capability and now supports essential elements of Hitachi America's Projector Control (PJCtrl) software. Operating within the StarBoard software, users can monitor and control various elements of any Hitachi projector on the network, including power on and off. Currently, Hitachi Software StarBoard software Version 7.1 supports several features of PJCtrl including powering projector on and off, switching inputs and a screen-freeze capability, which allows the end-user to freeze the projector's current image and continue PC or StarBoard operation, in effect hiding the background activity. Version 7.1 also includes a projector search feature, which allows the user to search for projectors on the network, resulting in a list of found projectors.

Middle Atlantic Products' Split Screen Pop Filter

The Split Screen Pop Filter, featuring proprietary air pressure dispersion technology (APDT) is designed to improve recording quality and clarity and is becoming the choice accessory for producers and engineers working in today's busiest studios. Improving on traditional filters, the Split Screen Pop Filter is engineered utilizing two individual screens with a separation space that diffuses harsh consonants combined with the removal of the outer ring to provide an added measure of air dispersion. This unique design technique dramatically enhances recording clarity without compromising quality by allowing vocals to pass through to a microphone while effectively filtering the 'popping' effect of explosive vocal sounds. The Split Screen Pop Filter is comprised of two independent separated screens that diffuse and disperse explosive air caused by vocal sounds like 'p' and 'b.'