AvaLAN Wireless Enters the Embedded Systems Market

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AvaLAN Wireless Systems announced this week their entry into the embedded systems market. With over six years of industrial wireless technology development experience and over 30,000 radios shipped to date, AvaLAN has decided to expand into the embedded systems market by offering a number of radio modules designed for easy and rapid integration into industrial devices needing robust and reliable network connectivity. This week at the premier industry-leading 2010 Embedded Systems Conference in Silicon Valley, AvaLAN Wireless Systems will be demonstrating their new line of 900 MHz and 2.4GHz radio modules with Ethernet, RS232/485 Serial and Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) connectivity. Each AvaLAN radio module product has an evaluation kit available so developers can quickly evaluate the functionality and easily design the technology into their products.

Live demonstrations of the new AvaLAN product will be held at the upcoming 2010 Embedded Systems Conference in Silicon Valley, AvaLAN’s Booth# 1922, April 26-29, 2010.


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