College Football’s Largest LED Wall for Texas A&M -

College Football’s Largest LED Wall for Texas A&M

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Texas A&M University will be installing– at a renovated Kyle Field at their campus in College Station, Texas– the largest LED video wall to date for a college stadium. Daktronics, who has designed and manufactured electronic scoreboards, programmable display systems and large screen LED video displays for more than forty-five years, will provide Kyle Field’s newest technology.

Daktronics is of course no stranger to providing large displays for some of the top stadiums in the U.S. They are currently working with the Jacksonville Jaguars by providing them with what’s being dubbed “the largest HD LED video display in the world”, scheduled to be completed infall 2014. Daktronics is also currently teaming up with the NFL’s 49ers, Carolina Panthers, and the Cleveland Browns for new video walls. Last year, they installed one of the first 13mm HD resolution LED video walls for the Denver Broncos.

The new LED video display will tower over the south end zone of Kyle field with a 47-foot high by 163-foot wide reach. However, the display’s size will not compromise its resolution– in fact, at that size the increased number of pixels means that it will achieve 1080P, or HD, resolution.

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Texas A&M stadium CAD drawing accurately displays the new screens in place at Kyle Field. Note the placement of the large screen at the higher edge of the stadium, a placement that avoids sacrificing seating area to the display, and also avoids an overwhelming screen presence too close to fans that would detract from the live action.Outdoor HD video walls are part of an important trend in digital signage– as the highest resolution display capability moves from the smaller to the huge screens.

The new LED wall is only a portion of the $450 million project to redevelop Kyle Field, but it’s a key element.

A user-friendly production solution will also be provided with Daktronics’ Show Control System. The system includes software and video processing hardware to ensure smooth sailing within production and delivery.

For input above 2.5 million pixels, a Christie Spyder is used to send images to the board.

Daktronics Creative Services will create and deliver digital content to the stadium at the request of Texas A&M Athletics. This may include anything from crowd prompts to sponsorship messages.

“It was paramount to find the best technology available to showcase Texas A&M’s unique in-game experience and traditions on game day,” Director of Athletics Eric Hymanit said.

University officials traveled around the country to compare football stadium’s video displays and found the Daktronics 13HD LED video display product to best fit their needs. The video display’s pixel layout provides excellent image clarity, contrast, and wide viewing angle in outdoor, direct sun.

In addition to the 13HD LED video display product (with resolution lines on 13mm centers), Daktronics is also providing Kyle Field with two auxiliary displays, one in each corner at the north end of the stadium. Each of those two satellite displays will feature a 15mm HD pixel layout and measure 36 feet high by 54 feet wide. In addition, five individual ribbon displays will be installed around the seating fascia of the stadium – all featuring a 15 HD pixel layout and measuring more than 3 feet high and varying in length from 160 feet long to 510 feet long.

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The University of Iowa upgraded Kinnick Stadium with a true HD video display measuring 31 feet high by 122 feet wide to tower over the south end zone. This was one of the first college stadium installations of the 13mm LED video wall solution from Daktronics.Beyond the stadium seating areas, the new design also calls for the installation of a 6-millimeter display measuring more than 15 feet wide by 28 feet high to go into Kyle Field's new Hall of Champions. Texas A&M has also asked Daktronics to install street furniture units with eye-level video displays in high-traffic walkways, placed strategically around Kyle Field for wayfinding and other content.

Aggie fans as well as visiting opponents will be able to see the IMAG (image magnification) of every play on the field no matter how far back their seats are. Sponsors and advertisers won’t miss this chance to promote their company or product on the massive display. And these promotional graphics or videos will be an opportunity for Texas A&M University to gain back a portion of their large investment in the stadium upgrade.

This is not the first time Daktronics and Texas A&M University have partnered up for a digital signage and IMAG solution. Daktronics previously installed the largest video board in the SEC at the university’s baseball stadium, Blue Bell Park.

"Daktronics is grateful of the opportunity Texas A&M has given us to provide a multi-display system for Kyle Field," said Dan Fjeldheim with Daktronics. "A 1080P resolution main display, auxiliary video displays, ribbons boards and street furniture units will give Kyle Field the most dynamic visual display system in college football."


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