Coffee & Controversy: A Digital Signage Breakfast Event -

Coffee & Controversy: A Digital Signage Breakfast Event

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This Election Day, we are going to have the chance to hear straight, honest answers from people on a stage. Theses people are looking for votes, will be asked tough questions for which there may not be a “right” answer and will need to provide concise responses that reflect their true opinions. Zingers are both allowed and expected. Obviously, I am not referring to the presidential debates here in the US. I am talking about “Coffee and Controversy: A Breakfast Event” to be presented by the Digital Signage Federation on November 3rd in New York City during the annual gathering now known as New York Digital Signage Week.

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Ken Goldberg, Digital Signage Federation 2015 Chairman, CEO, Real Digital Media

In the growing industry of digital signage we are continuously impacted by emerging trends, evolving business models, new products and services as well as influences from events and industries outside of our own marketplace. In a media environment where content marketing often passes as fact and where the lifecycle of trends can be measured in days, it is difficult to develop a truly informed opinion on any topic, product or technology.

The mission of the DSF is to support and promote the common business interests of the worldwide digital signage, interactive technologies and digital out-of-home network industries. We do this most effectively through education, professional development and creating and supporting forums for frank and open discussion that not only share opinions and information, but also help create perspective and context for those doing business in our industry.

That’s exactly the rationale behind the November 3rd breakfast event, where the opinions offered will be driven by the business context of each panelist. As such, understanding the perspectives of different players in the digital signage space will also help you formulate your own answers and opinions by getting straight answers to tough questions –which will make it well worth your while to attend.

As DSF’s outgoing 2015 Chairman, I am excited to moderate the expert panel comprised of DSF members, which will explore a number of topics related to technology, content and digital network operations. The morning’s format will be rapid fire, quite possibly irreverent.

The event will also encourage audience engagement by inviting onsite participation in the form of a mobile voting app. This will allow those in attendance to weigh in after each topic, effectively making attendees part of this discussion. Voting results will be displayed in real time, providing feedback and additional insights that are sure to be helpful.

The event is designed to ensure that the morning is fun – along the lines of SNL’s classic “Point-Counterpoint” and ESPN’s “Around the Horn” programs – but focused on digital signage industry issues. Attendees are invited to suggest panel topics by tweeting to @DSFederation using the hashtag #coffeetopic. Our panel participants represent users, systems integrators, and developers of products and services for our industry, including:

•Randy Dearborn, DSF 2015 Vice Chairman & Vice President Multimedia Guest Technologies, MGM Resorts International
•Phil Lenger, President & Creative Director, Show+Tell
•Bryan Meszaros, CEO & Founder, OpenEye
•Tom Nix, CEO Scala

Spirited dialogue on tough topics is not always comfortable or easy, but that is precisely why we need to do it. As an opinionated person myself, you can bet that I will only allow waffles on the breakfast plates! I really hope you can take time out to participate with us next month in New York. The registration site is

Author Ken Goldberg will be moderating the DSF’s “Coffee & Controversy” breakfast event on Tuesday, November 3rd from 9:00-10:15am at Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar, 220 W 44th Street, New York City. Breakfast begins at 8:30am. The live installation tour follows from 10:30 am-12:30 pm. Seats for both the breakfast and tour are limited. More information on this and other DSF events can be found on the DSF website. Registration is free for DSF members and $25USD for non-members, available online at

Ken Goldberg, CEO of Real Digital Media since 2004, was co-founder and president of CFT Consulting, a leading provider of retail systems consulting. When CFT was sold to Answerthink in 1999, Goldberg became a member of Answerthink’s leadership team and was instrumental in driving retail-focused offerings across the company’s solution groups. He served as a manager in Deloitte’s national retail practice before starting up CFT, but initially began his career as an equities analyst at Standard & Poor’s, and was an executive in a 21-store apparel chain before entering the consulting field. He has also been an angel investor, advisor to a number of startup companies, and serves as the 2015 Digital Signage Federation Chair.


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DSF Coffee & Controvery Breakfast Discussion

The Digital Signage Federation will host Coffee & Controversy – a Breakfast, featuring a panel discussion in New York City during Digital Signage Week on Tuesday, November 3rd from 8:30-10:15am at Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar in the heart of Times Square.

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State of the Digital Signage Industry: What's Trending

The leadership team of the Digital Signage Federation is pleased to host the DSF’s monthly Hangout event on December 16 for the purpose of initiating a discussion on the “State of the Digital Signage Industry,” meaningful trends that are and may yet impact our business, what your DSF has accomplished in this past year and plans for 2016.

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The Simplifying Digital Signage Roundtable took place Wednesday at InfoComm– I moderated as panelists Jim Huber from Office Depot, Bill Othick of BOI Solutions, Richard Hutton from Samsung, Raffi Vartian from SignageLive, Jim Vair of Capital Networks analyzed legacy TCO models for digital signage, and then turned to hardware and software advancements that now allow the streamlining of digital signage platforms, for reduced TCO.