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Kaltman Creations Names Invisible Waves RF Analyzer Winner in Drawing

  • SUWANEE, GA--In an effort to evaluate the purchasing and marketing profile of its clientele, Kaltman Creations LLC recently conducted a survey and offered a prize to one lucky participating customer. The winner, David Gaddoni of Stockton, California (owner of Balloonheads Pro Audio and Lighting), selected the Kaltman Invisible Waves RF Analyzer from three product choices.
  • “It’s one of the first things I’ve ever won,” Gaddoni said. “We plan to use the Invisible Waves when going out to installs that require finding out available radio frequencies. We then can make more astute judgments about frequency recommendation based on logistics.”
  • Gaddoni moved into the pro audio and lighting business 15 years ago. “I greatly appreciate innovative companies like Kaltman Creations that have a vision for creating problem-solving equipment. I hope the Invisible Waves RF Analyzer makes finding open frequency a breeze!” he said.
  • “At Balloonheads the DJ market is predominant, but we are also involved in audio/video installs in churches, night clubs, schools, homes and corporate institutions. We just finished providing sound reinforcement for the Kingdon Drag races in Lodi, CA. Nearly 7,000 people attend this yearly fund-raising event with a special tribute to our veterans,” Gaddoni added.
  • “Respondents to the survey aided us greatly in determining who uses our products as well as determining our customers’ needs,” said Kaltman marketing manager Lynn Harris.