StrandVision Extends Basic Subscription Package -

StrandVision Extends Basic Subscription Package

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StrandVision is now extending its basic signage subscription package. From now onwards, customers will get 24/7 playback hours instead of the previous weekly 80 hours.

Mike Strand, owner of StrandVision, revealed the news during an interview where he explained the new service in brief. “Generally, we used to provide services to the companies that follow a 10 to 5 schedule or similar timing. Then we decided that business owners working more than this regular timing should also get benefit using our digital signage software. Thus, we have decided to start the service as soon as possible.”

Subscribers to the basic package services will gain access to the content management portal of the company. Business administrators can also use the system to monitor the signage tool, use reports and operate other tools.

The Managing Director of StrandVision said, “The project is almost ready and we are planning to start it shortly. We have included U.S based weather maps, new licensed channels and many other features in the service package.”

The extended subscription package can be purchased for $499.99 per year, and quarterly and monthly billing is also available.


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StrandVision Extends Electronic Sign World Weather Coverage

StrandVision Digital Signage has extended its free digital signage weather forecast service to its electronic signage customers around the world. This complements its weather service covering the United States that has been available as a free digital signage content option to customers since the company’s founding.

StrandVision's YouTube Signage Channel

StrandVision Digital Signage has added a YouTube Channel to offer short, targeted, information sessions and tutorials on StrandVision’s cloud-based service, specific electronic signage features and general digital signage topics, including installation, content design and visitor/employee communication recommendations.

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StrandVision People Pages for Digital Signage

StrandVision Digital Signage now offers custom “People” electronic signage pages to make it easy for companies and organizations to automatically call up individuals or groups in order to feature employees’ and members’ birthdays, anniversaries and other events or accomplishments.

StrandVision's Digital Signage Highlighting Feature

StrandVision Digital Signage announced a visitor and employee communication enhancement that highlights new pages and updates to existing pages with color-coded borders in order to alert viewers that new digital signage content is being displayed.

StrandVision People Pages Content for Digital Signage

StrandVision Digital Signage introduced an enhanced “People” database import capability to enable its subscribers to easily add and edit pages that feature employees, associates, members and visitors using various digital signage reporting options that automatically select and display people based on the birthday or anniversary dates assigned to each person.