Gefen’s Digital Signage Creator Enables Editing -

Gefen’s Digital Signage Creator Enables Editing

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In a strategic move to bring total customization to projects delivering content to public displays, Gefen has introduced its new Digital Signage Creator at NAB this year.

This new solution marks a change in the manufacturer’s traditional line of hardware-based solutions. The Digital Signage Creator unites high quality hardware with proprietary software to create digital signage content with features. The layout program works with all Windows programs and enables users to record or upload video, select music, pull RSS feeds or live video streams off the Internet and layer all content to build a totally customized theme. Users can select from a host of pre-loaded templates for an immediate solution or spend time building a totally unique visual program as they see fit. The software is designed to be easy to use, while offering advanced functionalities to enhance audio/video displays. It offers built-in scheduling and calendar functions so users can pre-arrange content to play down to the second.

Both HDMI and VGA with audio formats are supported by the Gefen Digital Signage Creator, making it suitable for both analog and digital systems. Nearly two gigabytes of hard drive space can be supplemented with a USB drive using the hi-speed USB 2.0 port. When connected to an Ethernet system, any licensed user can access the Digital Signage Creator to edit content, update information and schedule content. High definition video resolutions are supported up to 720p with both horizontal and vertical alignments. An RS-232 port allows for remote control of content through the display(s).

The Gefen Digital Signage Creator is small, weighs less than seven ounces, runs cool and typically uses just 2 watts of power, making it a green and viable solution to any facility while streamlining excessive power costs.


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