Cast Software Debuts Lighting Design Suite

Cast Software Debuts Lighting Design Suite
  • CAST Software has introduced the peculiarly named wysiwyg R34 lighting design software suite. It is the biggest release ever for the company, targeted at lighting designers and graphics and video professionals.
  • Laser light visualization in wysiwyg is available in both Perform and Design editions. In live mode, lasers can be controlled with the Pangolin Control System and Sollinger Animation. In design mode, a generic fixture can be used and generic laser patterns can be added.
  • New Shaded View Visual Effects enhance the visualisation using ambient occlusion, global illumination, and source disc bloom. With Unicode support, wysiwyg now accepts any character in any language. Future versions of wysiwyg will translate into additional languages including Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, and more.
  • “In creating wysiwyg R34, we simply set out to create the most useful user experience – one that is indispensable in creating exceptional lighting effects, for all types of projects, large or small,” said Gil Densham, President and CEO at CAST Group.
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