Panax Video Introduces VTW 5080 Video Distribution System -

Panax Video Introduces VTW 5080 Video Distribution System

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The What: Panax Video has introduced the VTW 5080, the digital successor to the analog VTW 6080 video distribution system.

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 Panax Video's VTW 5080

Key Features: The base module VTW 5080 accepts IP, SDI-HD, and NTSC as input sources, creating individual streams from those sources for PC’s, Mac’s, and tablets.

Additional modules include HD multipoint video conferencing, recording, and video on demand (VOD), utilizing PC’s, Mac’s, iPad’s, iPhone's, and legacy video conferencing systems.

One More Thing: All modules are e-Rate approved.


PESA Earns DoD Certification for Video Distribution Systems

PESA, a U.S.-based design and manufacturer of professional audio and video signal distribution, recently announced that its Video Distribution System (VDS) and several products in its Cheetah large-scale router and PESA PRO signal processing lines have been certified by the US Department of Defense.

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AMX Adds Video Distribution System

AMX has announced the immediate availability of both a new digital TV transmitter (DTV-TX03-US) and receiver (DTV-RX02-HD) as part of its Television Distribution System (TDS) line. The new receiver supports high-definition signals and is compatible with all versions of AMX TDS transmitters. The new transmitter sup