Digital Signage Virtual Show Nov. 18 -

Digital Signage Virtual Show Nov. 18

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David Keene– They say nothing succeeds like success. NewBay Media, broke ground, and raised the bar, last April, by launching the industry’s first online, virtual trade conference, and the response was great. If you missed the chance to attend, or exhibit at the inaugural Digital Signage virtual event last April, there’s good news: the Digital Signage 2010 virtual event is returning on November 18th.

In addition to the product manufacturer booths you can attend, I don’t recall ever having a line-up of experts as impressive as the one you’ll see and hear from Nov. 18: Laura Davis Taylor, Lyle Bunn, Chris Connery, Randy Lemke, Jonathan Brawn, Alan Brawn, and more.
We’ve put aside the platitudes and cookie-cutter PowerPoints for the “Digital Signage 2010” . We’re cutting to the chase: what is happening, now, in the digital signage market? Why should you be there? How the heck do you figure the software side? Where will you make money?

Whatever you do, don’t miss the “Keynote Roundtable” that kicks off the day. I will host a “virtual” roundtable with some of the best, cutting-edge players on the media landscape– because, yes, “digital signage” is not just another “AV” vertical. The most compelling and promising parts of the market are part of a media and video revolution that is changing everything about content delivery.
It’s all part of Digital Signage 2010, for professionals working with digital signage systems. Produced by NewBay Media in partnership with InfoComm, The Digital Signage Virtual Expo will be held November 18, 2010, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., EDT. And you can experience all from the convenience of your desk.
It will be conducted exclusively online. It will also be available for post-event viewing.
Register, with no charge, to attend, at:

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The Digital Signage 2011 Virtual Trade Show, produced by NewBay Media (with InfoComm as the Association partner), will take place on July 21 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EDT. The virtual trade show is all online, with no charge to attend. The show will feature in-depth presentations from Patrick Quinn (pqmedia), Laura Davi