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Westinghouse Licenses PumpTop TV Design

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AdtekMedia, Inc., a full-service digital out-of-home ("DOOH") media network provider and owner/operator of the nation's largest TV network at gas pumps, has agreed to license its patented "gas pump topper" design to Westinghouse Digital Electronics, a provider of LCD panel manufacturers. Westinghouse has already built more than 3000 such units for AdtekMedia's PumpTop TV network, and the new licensing agreement will allow Westinghouse to manufacture and market the units to other gas pump media companies.

AdtekMedia's PumpTop TV network includes nearly 7,000 LCD screens mounted at eye level on U.S. gas pumps that inform and entertain gas station consumers while they refuel. Video clips from ABC's "America's Funniest Home Videos" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live", "retro" clips celebrating the '60s, '70s and '80s from GetBack Media, real-time traffic maps from Google, along with weather, sports, business, health and entertainment news are delivered to consumers during their time spent at the gas pump.

The gas pump topper unit and design (Patent No. USD572764S) consists of back-to-back, daylight-viewable LCD screens, PC hardware and other components housed within a secure enclosure that easily mounts atop fuel dispensers at gas stations.

"Advertisers recognize the value of reaching consumers at the gas pump," says Dick Paulsen, AdtekMedia's President. "Now, companies here and abroad seeking to build gas pump media networks have a respected manufacturer to supply their media network hardware."

PumpTop TV's current markets include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dallas, Boston, Houston, Phoenix, Sacramento and San Diego. Network expansion is now taking place in the Washington, DC and Atlanta markets.

For more information on AdtekMedia, Inc. (PumpTop TV) products/services, visit www.PumpTopTV.com.

For more information on Westinghouse Digital Electronics products/services, visit www.westinghousedigital.com.


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