Christie Targets Growth With New RealD Partnership

  • CANADA—Hailed as a first for the AV industry, Christie’s Brilliant3D technology enables 3D content to be projected in full 2K resolution for digital cinema projectors utilizing 1.2-inch DMD chips from Texas Instruments.
  • Said to provide 33 percent more brightness for 3D content, this new technology uses only a single lens system and is available exclusively on all Christie digital cinema projectors.
  • “We’re very excited about this technological development from Christie. This advancement combined with our RealD XL system enhances the 3D experience tremendously. Together, we can fill screens up to 75 feet in width with true triple-flash capable technology, making 3D films even brighter and clearer,” comments Joseph Peixoto, president of worldwide cinema, RealD.
  • Craig Sholder, vice-president of Christie’s Entertainment Solutions adds, “With more than 15 new movies slated for 3D release over the next 18 months, Christie’s new Brilliant3D will enable exhibitors to project 3D movies onto the largest screens—while reducing both lamp and electricity expenses. Christie engineers initiated development of this technology so that audiences would have the most compelling 3D experience.”
  • Christie Brilliant3D will be available on the world’s brightest 2K DLP Cinema projectors, the Christie CP2000-SB and Christie CP2000-XB, as well as on the Christie CP2000- ZX. Christie’s CP2000-M digital cinema projector, based on the .98-inch DMD chip, will also feature Christie Brilliant3D technology.
  • In addition, Christie is also announcing a new suite of variable prime zoom lenses that enable a convenient and cost-effective single lens solution for 2D and 3D content regardless of format, keeping operating costs down.

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