Aldeasa Deploys Scala Digital Signage in Spanish Airport -

Aldeasa Deploys Scala Digital Signage in Spanish Airport

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MADRID, SPAIN--Scala announced that Aldeasa Stores in Palma de Mallorca airport, Spain, has deployed a multichannel, multi-screen Scala network as part of a proposed global rollout strategy.

The two key objectives of the Aldeasa Digital Signage Network are: firstly to provide an engaging, informative and valuable digital channel for Aldeasa to promote its brand, its products and services to its customers. Secondly, the network is also to provide a viable commercial platform from which to generate incremental supplier revenues from airtime sales.

“Aldeasa’s marketing team was looking for a way in which to animate existing in-store offers and provide a suitable platform for suppliers to promote products and services in addition to existing POP and subsequently decided to use digital signage to accomplish that goal,” said Javier Menendez, AS Video’s CEO.

In this display network, a total of 16 screens are distributed in key areas of the store to ensure customers have a high opportunity to see all screens and all messages at every point throughout their visit to Aldeasa. The store is split into two key zones, specifically nine screens located in the high footfall, duty free zone containing the perfume, tobacco and drinks categories with the remaining six screens located across the store at key points to ensure visibility and impact. A further rear large projection screen located near the front of the store displays high impact messages into the airport concourse to attract customers.

As airport customers differ to those in other retail environments insofar as they are often time pressured (e.g. they have a plane to catch), Aldeasa’s digital signage system needed to ensure that customers would receive information quickly, clearly and relevant to the area of the store they were shopping in at that time.

The creative solution for the Aldeasa network was formed through an understanding of customer shopping habits; specifically where customers were in store at any given point in their shopping journey and how long they browsed or dwelled in a particular area, all of which shaped content length and style which in turn was designed to positively influence customer viewing and message impact (rather than detract or annoy).

Four zones were therefore created in the store as a result of research into customer buying habits and their movements within the store from which seven channels of content were also produced to reflect each core product category, these being screens placed in the Duty Free category including perfume, tobacco and drinks (zone 1) and screens placed in the general merchandise category or ‘rest of store’ (zone 2).

A customer ‘info-point’ at the cashier’s desk was created whereby a screen showed the same content in general merchandise in a sub-window within the screen which in turn provided a new area for a ‘ticker’ for staff members to upload their own messages (zone 3). The 4th zone is a premium storefront channel of one large rear projection unit located within Aldeasa's front window displaying only one supplier’s content/advertisement for the duration of a promotional period.



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