Biamp Systems Says Goodbye to an Industry Expert

Biamp Systems Says Goodbye to an Industry Expert

After 28 years in the AV industry, Read Wineland is retiring from Biamp Systems. Michael Frank will move into the role of Eastern North America sales development director.

Read Wineland

  • “I’ve had the pleasure of working side by side with Read for the last 28 years, and his commitment to Biamp and enthusiasm for helping customers build their business has been awe-inspiring," said Ron Camden, vice president of global sales at Biamp Systems. “Read’s passion for quality audio — whether with a guitar or DSP — is something that cannot be taught. Both Biamp and the professional AV industry will miss Read’s presence as he moves into the coveted retirement phase of life.”

Wineland said, “There are two kinds of people in the AV industry: those who work for Biamp, and those who want to work at Biamp. Being an independent rep before I joined Biamp 20 years ago, I’ve worked for dozens of different companies, and I guarantee that no one appreciates their employees more than Biamp. It’s been my honor to be part of such a great team and a significant piece of industry history.”

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