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SpectraCal and X-Rite Colorimeter

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SpectraCal, Inc. and X-Rite Incorporated have announced two new professional colorimeters –the SpectraCal C6 ™ and an OEM i1Display – both customized versions of X-Rite’s recently released i1Display Pro device.

SpectraCal, the leading developer of video calibration software and training, in conjunction with X-Rite, the leading developer and manufacturer of color measurement instrumentation and software, teamed up to optimize high quality and well priced colorimeters tailored specifically for customers concerned with optimum picture quality in critical viewing environments, such as post-production video, digital signage and medical markets.

The C6 ™ is designed to meet the exacting demands of professional video calibrators who use the Expert and Commercial versions of SpectraCal’s award-winning video calibration software CalMAN. The OEM i1Display is designed for general use. It is based on similar technology to the C6 ™ and will be supported in all versions of CalMAN.
The professional calibrator was of high importance for the C6 ™ solution. “At SpectraCal, we have contact with our customers every day, and used their feedback to develop the C6 ™ as an excellent replacement for the Chroma 5,” said Jeff Murray, President of SpectraCal Inc.

“Through our worldwide training program and educational initiatives, we gained insight into what matters most to our professional video calibrators. We compiled a list of our customers’ needs in a color analyzer and then worked with X-Rite, building on the new i1Display platform, to completely satisfy our customers’ requirements” Murray said.
“X-Rite is pleased to extend our long term partnership with Spectracal with our most technologically advanced colorimeter. We're confident that the speed and accuracy of this customized i1Display device will enhance the calibration process and deliver the quality results demanded by Spectracal's discerning customers,” said Sonia Megert, Vice President Marketing of X-Rite.

What sets the C6 ™ apart from similar hardware is its increased accuracy, low light level performance, lightning fast speed improvements, and expanded display support (up to 64 SPDs addressable in the hardware) for existing and future display types with CalMAN video calibration software. Additionally, the C6 ™ includes a certificate of calibration (NIST Traceable) from SpectraCal Laboratories in Seattle, Washington.

 “We believe our customers will be pleased with the incredible accuracy and fast performance that the C6 ™ offers” explains SpectraCal’s Director of Marketing Joshua Quain. “The C6 ™ will allow a professional calibrator to get in and out of a customer’s project faster than before and without compromising the quality of their work” continued Quain.

Offered exclusively through SpectraCal, the C6 ™ can be preordered immediately for delivery during mid to late July. As an introductory offer, from now through July 31, the C6 ™ can be purchased at an opening price of $595 ($695 after July 31, 2011) and the OEM i1 Display $245 ($295 after July 31, 2011). Additionally, Chroma 5, 4, and 3 owners can upgrade to the C6 ™ with a limited time trade-in program. To order or get more info on the C6™ please go to www.spectracal.com/c6, contact prosales@spectracal.com, call +1 877-886-5112 North America, or +1-605-274-6055 International. For additional details on the OEM i1 Display go tohttp://www2.spectracal.com/e/2742/2011-07-05/BMWND/399601381


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