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BenQ America Shipping 4K Flat-Panel Display

  • BenQ America Corp., a provider of visual display solutions, is shipping its 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) RP840G flat-panel display. The 84-inch multitouch panel provides 10 interactive touch points, multi-PC touch control via USB, and QCast software to share content from any PC or WiFi-enabled smart device.
  • "Our RP840G multitouch panel was designed to provide an incredible value proposition for today's connected environments," said Bob Wudeck, Associate Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at BenQ America Corp. "By providing 4K UHD resolution and 10 touch points across 84 inches, the panel allows for presenters to easily interact with any onscreen content. To further increase collaboration, the display lets users pair their handheld devices, bringing audience participation to an entirely new level."
  • To provide responsive feedback and accurate positioning via panning, zooming, and scrolling BenQ's RP840G provides students, presenters, and information-seekers with 10-point multitouch technology, resulting in smooth onscreen interaction. Featuring a stunning 3840x2160 4K UHD display, the RP840G offers an immersive working space. The panel is also equipped with low blue light technology and anti-glare glass to reduce image interference, screen reflection, and eliminate any visual noise caused by glare.
  • Augmenting installation convenience, the RP840G provides multiplatform compatibility with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS, allowing the panel to work with a wide range of computing and mobile devices using plug and play. The RP840G also features BenQ's QCast software, which simplifies interaction between presenters and participants. Using WiFi, the software suite allows presenters to cast content from anywhere in the room via any PC or smart device. Additionally, the device's DisplayNote teaching software bundle facilitates the classroom or training session learning process, enabling audience members to collaborate and contribute to any presentation in real time via their tablets or laptops.
  • The RP840G has connectivity features such as hotkeys directly on the bezel for easier overall operation. In addition, the panel facilitates IT maintenance using BenQ's Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software. Available over LAN connections, the software provides remote management of the interactive flat panel while supporting offsite shutdown of the screen whenever it is not in use to save on power costs.
  • BenQ has partnered with Omnivision to bundle the Omnitapps Showcase interactive software with the RP840G for free. Omnitapps Showcase is an entry-level, multitouch display software tool suited for any location that requires the ability to communicate with users and customers in an interactive manner. Omnitapps, combined with the display capabilities of the RP840G, offers a multitouch screen application for settings as diverse as retail shops and showrooms, education and training facilities, TV studios, fairs and conferences, hotel and hospital lobbies, museums and exhibitions, and real estate centers. These touchscreen apps are used for everything from generating traffic to welcoming and directing visitors, communicating product information through digital brochures, entertainment and presentations, and training.