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Digital View announces a new line of interactive digital media players for the OEM and VAR channels. The M3-100 and M3- 200 are board-level products designed specifically to allow Digital View's existing sales channels to take advantage of the growing digital signage markets. These products provide a comprehensive range of features and accessories to enable OEM system developers and integrators to create flexible, economical digital signage solutions.

Features of the media players include content scheduling, via a real time clock and calendar, full playlist control, database capabilities, RS-232 ports, USB ports, and NTSC/PAL S-Video and Analog RGB video output. The Media players will support MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, and JPEG video formats stored on a solid-state CompactFlash (CF) memory card. Included at no charge is DV Studio Plus content management software.

The M3-100 entry-level media player provides a "client" USB connection that permits the content on the CF card to be updated on-site from a Windows-based PC. The M3-200 player features an enhanced "Host USB" capability that can accept content updates from an industry standard USB memory stick, enabling rapid and convenient updates to players in installed locations.

DVStudio Plus allows individual media players to have multiple content playlists. The players support a scheduled playback function where playlists may be enabled by the built-in calendar/clock function, permitting weeks or months of content to be pre-loaded to the CF card. A data logging function can also be enabled to record which specific tracks have been played in order to provide marketing feedback on user interactivity. Playlists may also be activated using any of the multiple accessories available.

The M3-100 Media Player is priced at $95 and the M3- 200 at $130 in 1000-piece quantities. Both are available from Digital View's distribution network. Delivery is offthe- shelf.

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