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New Berlin Revue Taps Medialon Show Control

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PARIS, FRANCE--Medialon show control takes center stage at Berlin's theater in the Spielbank at Potsdammer Platz (www.spielbank-berlin.de) where the new erotic revue, "Belle et Fou: The Game of Lust," has opened with an international ensemble of dancers and artists (www.belle-et-fou.de).

Ground Zero System integration, a specialist in show control for installations, events and exhibitions with an expertise in both theater and IT, makes even the biggest systems easy to use by integrating Medialon Manager and Internet technologies (Web 2.0). This makes its systems reliable and controllable even through the Internet with a standard web browser.

For "Belle et Fou" Ground Zero was challenged to control a large array of equipment and design an interface so the local technicians can change cues, change the order of scenes, or even make completely new ones without experiencing a steep learning curve.

Ground Zero has designed a touchscreen featuring one big "Next" button. When the stage manager calls the next cue, the operator has only to push the button. Additionally, there are some buttons for effects, which have to be timed live and not programmed in the timeline.

"A living show like ours has to be updated with new show parts every month. It was our first priority to be able to do this without learning a complete new system. Medialon gave us this possibility with an easy to handle graphical user interface," says technical director Jurij Mirtschin. For more information visit www.medialon.com.


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