Digital OOH Video Reaching Masses

If there was any doubt that digital out-ofhome (DOOH) video is becoming ubiquitous in any public space that has room for a screen, just check out these statistics based on a recent study from Arbitron. About 155 million (or 67 percent of persons 18 or older) have seen a digital video display in the past month at one or more of 17 types of public venues. Of that that total, 76 percent recalled seeing digital video at multiple venues.

Digital video displays in retail locations alone reach more than half (53 percent) of all American adults. Digital video at gas stations and movie theaters reach over one-in-five adults per month. Nearly one in five have also seen a digital screen in a restaurant or bar. One in seven noticed digital video in an office building or elevator.

Conducted by Arbitron and Edison Research, the study was based on telephone interviews with 1,666 adults 18 over the course of a month between Jan. 16, 2009 and Feb. 15, 2009.

While DOOH reaches just about every demographic group, the emerging medium reaches a higher concentration of young adults, with 15 percent of the group noticing a digital screen.

Venues that reach the highest concentration of young adults include stadiums, bars, elevators, public transit, health clubs, shopping malls, restaurants, and movie theaters. Some venues with digital video reach upper-income consumers better than others, such as elevators, airports, and health clubs. Others reach more men, such as elevators, stadiums or arenas, convenience stores, public transit, health clubs, office buildings, airports, and gas stations.