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Rise Vision Partner ASI Will Distribute its Digital Signage CMS

  • Rise Vision announces that ASI, a distributor of IT products and solutions, is now distributing its web-based content management system for the control of digital signage networks, Rise Display Network. ASI works with more than 15,000 system integrators nationwide, and chose Rise Vision as its partner to create a robust digital signage presence. While ASI has distributed many of the hardware components used to build a digital signage network, it lacked a strong partner for digital signage content management. The company chose Rise Vision for the strength of its content management solution, its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach, and because its Private Network option enables resellers to develop a private-label digital signage solution.
  • “Our system integrator customers create a lot of custom solutions, and embrace the idea of building their own brand. The Rise Vision Private Network program enables them to brand the entire digital signage solution, including content,” says Kent Tibbils, VP of Marketing, ASI. “In this challenging economy, we need to help our customers identify niche markets where they can add value and build upon their expertise in networking, installing equipment and software, and in training. With the Rise Vision solution, our customers can use those skill sets to grow a profitable digital signage business.”
  • In addition to the branding capabilities of Rise Display Network, ASI notes that the SaaS approach enables its resellers to achieve a much quicker return on investment.
  • "ASI does more than just discover products and components for its customer base – it helps them discover new markets where they can compete with the large system vendors on a playing field other than price," says Ryan Cahoy, Managing Director, Rise Vision, Inc. "The Rise Display Network enables them to build customer relationships by creating a complete, private-labeled digital signage solution wrapped with their unique services."
  • The Rise Display Network is a web-based, Software-as-a-Service content management system operated by Rise Vision. Subscriptions include access to live content such as news headlines, local weather, sports scores, and stock ticker updates. Users incorporate this live content with their own information, including media files, graphics, and text, and publish it directly to their network of digital signs. The Private Network Operator program provides partners with a personalized log-in page where they can promote branding, cross-selling, and event messages directly to end users every time they access their digital signage networks.