Nanolumens Installs NanoSlim Display at NYC Cosmetics Store

Nanolumens Installs NanoSlim Display at NYC Cosmetics Store
  • NanoLumens® has installed a NanoSlim™ LED display in the front window of a brand new retail cosmetics store in New York’s SoHo shopping and arts neighborhood. According to NanoLumens President & CEO Rick Cope, the installation, which was made at the M·A·C Cosmetics store, marks the first time the company’s “digital wallpaper” is being installed in a fixed retail installation, and it points the way to the future of retail customer engagement.

“SoHo represents the cutting edge in art, retail, and fashion,” Cope said today. “It attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Retailers looking to make a lasting impression on this very discerning audience know that they have to go beyond the ‘usual’ methods of engaging and holding the attention of consumers. They have to stop them in their tracks and immerse them in a messaging environment that compels them to enter the store. Our first fixed retail installation is designed to do just that.”

The NanoSlim display installed in the SoHo store measures 4.5’ wide by 9’ tall and is less than 3 inches deep, allowing the retailer to maximize valuable retail floor space. The display boasts a seamless 4mm pixel pitch with stunning resolution, high brightness and superior off-axis viewing angles to engage consumers from any distance or viewing angle.

Diversified Media Group (DMG), which installed the NanoFlex display, sees a bright future for businesses and venues that utilize the versatile and eye-popping technology, according to DMG President John Melillo.

“Our designers and engineers were excited about the NanoLumens displays from the very first time they saw them,” Melillo said. “They really are unlike any other displays on the market today—they’re lightweight, ultra-bright and rugged, so they are capable for use in popular retail stores, as well as transportation centers and other large high-traffic venues. These displays will breeze through bumps and splashes that would knock out other displays. Our experiential design team recognizes that what really sets the NanoLumens displays apart is they can be built to any size with no bezels—there’s no lines or breaks in the picture at any size imaginable, custom built to fit any application.”

According to Cope, consumers have learned to tune out traditional video displays in public just as they have learned to fast-forward through commercials on their home’s DVR.

“Whether in SoHo or in a shopping mall where stores are all vying for the attention of millions of shoppers each year, traditional displays have become ineffective in engaging and holding the consumer’s attention,” Cope said. “When people pass by a storefront and see stunning seamless visuals on a 9-foot tall, 4.5-foot wide video display just inside the doors, they can’t help but stop and check it out.”

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