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Interactive Digital Signage Wednesday December 12

There may be confusion about the Mayans’ prediction that the world will end on 12-21-12, but there’s no confusion about 12-12-12. The different technical sides of interactive digital signage will be the topic for the Wednesday, December 12th Webinar, “The Magic Touch– Bringing Digital Signage to Life with New Technologies.” You can register to attend (free of charge) at:

There is indeed still confusion in the market about what touch technologies are required to do interactive digital signage. Tune in tomorrow, I will moderate, as Paul Siegel and Diane Harris from Arrow Electronics guide us through the Touch Technology landscape.

Paul Siegel will give us an overview of the latest technologies. What is the latest Touchscreen technology available? We’ll examine Resistive, Surface Vs. Projective Capacitive, Optical, Infrared, Larger Format, new “Integrated Touch” technologies, and more.

Diane Harris will explain integration and support of touch technology solutions.

Register to attend (free of charge) at:

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