Black Box iCOMPEL in Premier Healthcare -

Black Box iCOMPEL in Premier Healthcare

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Black Box Network Services was recently selected to participate in the Premier healthcare alliance’s annual Innovation Celebration, an event to celebrate advances in healthcare while highlighting healthcare industry suppliers committed to innovation and improving patient outcomes.

The alliance chose Black Box specifically for its iCOMPEL™ line of digital signage appliances, integrated hardware/software solutions designed to help healthcare facilities elevate the quality of their internal and external communications in a cost-effective way.

An increasing number of hospitals have embraced digital signage in an effort to improve the hospital experience for patients, families, and guests. These centrally managed digital video displays, positioned in waiting rooms, corridors, and common areas like cafeterias, lobbies, and parking garages, enable facilities to disseminate real-time information like event schedules and facility hours, and provide wayfinding directions to new visitors.

Hospitals also use digital signage at nurse stations, in break rooms, and in meeting areas to improve their communications with physicians, nurses, and other staff and, in turn, help improve the overall quality of patient care.

Twenty-three medical innovations, selected by a committee of clinicians and other Premier hospital members based on their ability to impact the healthcare industry, were on display at the Innovation Celebration. These new devices and products, which can impact the safety, quality and cost-effectiveness of care, were showcased to more than 3,000 healthcare providers and experts.

Consideration for the Innovation Celebration is open to all suppliers, regardless of whether the company is contracted with Premier. Overall, Premier contracts with more than 800 suppliers.

“Healthcare providers need to be up-to-date on latest concepts and developments regarding new devices, products and therapies which can impact the cost and quality of care,” said Premier Purchasing Partners President Mike Alkire. “These suppliers are committed to innovation that leads to improved quality and reduced costs, and we’re pleased to showcase their efforts to our alliance members.”

Innovation Celebration participants were featured on June 8 at the 2010 Premier Annual Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition in Washington. Basic criteria for selection included solutions that displayed uniqueness, as well as solutions that have an impact on an unmet medical need.

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