New Interactive Digital Signage Player Controller Board from Caltron Industries

  • Caltron's has just released a relay board accessory for their HD MP-1080 player. The new MP-RB1080 adds an interactive feature to the MP-1080A HD player.
  • This controller board is idea for Kiosk manufacturers, Digital Signage Integrators and Solutions Providers for adding a user controlled interactive push button option to their signage and Kiosk solution. Using an RJ10 connector interface for the MP-1080A, this controller board now allows the system design to offer the user a dynamic interface feature as opposed to a passive signage where a loop must be completed before the particular ad or information is seen again. Attention and interest are enhanced through this added feature.
  • This low cost solution features the option of hardwire or a ribbon cable for integrating a keypad, actuators, push buttons and/or input keys giving more flexibility for the system design. This compact board measures 2.06- (L) x 2.56- (W) x 0.62-inches (H) taking up very little space in any system design. Other features include a maximum operating voltage of 5.5V and a baud rate of 4800 bits per second.
  • High traffic areas such as shopping malls, hotel lobbies, and bank lobbies are ideal settings for kiosks and dynamic signage. Settings such as these require simple and compact solutions. Simple and compact means easy to use, very low maintenance and uses up very little space. Caltron’s high definition MP-1080A player now with the added compact MP-RB1080 controller board provides the means of meeting those requirements.